Microsoft announces September 22 hardware event - Surface updates likely

Microsoft announces September 22 hardware event - Surface updates likely
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has announced that its next event will take place on September 22nd and it looks very likely to be showcasing the latest Surface hardware.

That's the thinking from Engadget and anyone who notices that the event was erased with an image of what looks to be a side-on perspective of a thinner than usual Surface Pro. Generally, Microsoft holds hardware-based events in the fall and that seems even more likely to occur this year given it's happening just two weeks before Microsoft releases Windows 11. 

So, what might we see at the event? A recent leak suggested that the Surface Duo 2 might have an upgraded camera system as well as soon be available in black for those that like that aesthetic for their smartphone. The leak by Tech Rat also suggested that the Surface Duo 2's fingerprint reader might be moved to a different spot and there could be a new processor and 5G support coming too. Previously, claims have been made that it might launch in September or October so the timing of this hardware event could be perfect if you're keen to see how the best smartphones change around in the future. 

In recent times, the Microsoft Surface Duo has proven particularly useful for gamers with the ability to turn its second screen into a gamepad for Xbox Cloud Gaming so we might see expansion on this idea too. It'll be interesting too to see if the Microsoft Surface Go 2 sees an update that could align more closely with Microsoft's bid to make Xbox Cloud Gaming more popular amongst users, both gaming and casual fans alike. 

Microsoft Surface Go 2

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Elsewhere, refreshes for the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Microsoft Surface Studio 2 and Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 could all be plausible too with the choice for the best laptops potentially changing hands there. 

For now, as always with upcoming hardware launches, this is the time for speculation and also holding off on a new purchase. Whether you're looking for the best tablets or a new home computer, if you're thinking of a Microsoft Surface related item, maybe wait just a bit longer until you dive in. New hardware refreshes may only be incremental but there's a chance we'll see some bigger changes that you won't want to miss out on. 

A livestream of the event will be on Microsoft's website but we'll keep you in the know too. 

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