Microsoft Edge to get regular performance updates... soon

Microsoft Edge web browser
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Microsoft Edge has been on a roll since the browser was overhauled and rebuilt using the Chromium architecture that powers Google Chrome. Now Edge is following in Chrome’s footsteps once again by moving to a four week major release cycle, meaning you’ll be getting more regular updates to your favorite Microsoft browser. And we know it’s your favorite Microsoft browser, because absolutely nobody liked Internet Explorer.

This news comes off the back of Google announcing that it will be shifting Chrome into a four-weekly release schedule after more than a decade off six week updates for the browser. Microsoft Edge was previously on an eight-week release schedule, so it seems like Microsoft has taken the opportunity to close the gap. It makes sense too, since Microsoft is actively collaborating with Google on the Chromium open-source project.

So, what does this mean for Edge and Chrome users? Well, in short, you’ll be getting more regular updates to your browser with new features, security updates and improvements, and performance enhancements. The changes to the release schedule aren’t immediate, but they’re expected to come into effect from Edge version 94 onwards. Edge version 94 is expected to be landing at the start of September this year, though that is subject to change. You can see the full update schedule here.

If you’re concerned about the more regular release schedule adding more bugs and instability into your web browser, then you can also manually opt to stick with an eight-week update schedule, essentially skipping every other update. You won’t get features quite as quickly as other users, but you’ll probably have a more stable experience if that’s what you value the most.

We were blown away by just how far along Microsoft Edge has come since its first iteration when we reviewed it last year. The new Chromium version has all the features and familiarity of Google Chrome, but with a few added features and security measures on top. In fact, Google better watch out because we’d say Microsoft is dangerously close to stealing the top spot in our best web browsers rankings. If you have a new home computer, it’s well worth giving Edge a go. 

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