Miele’s new dishwasher automatically dispenses the detergent for you - here’s what else is new

Miele’s new dishwasher automatically dispenses the detergent for you - here’s what else is new
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The role of any of the best dishwashers may be pretty simple - clean your dishes and dry them. Now though, Miele has revealed a new series of dishwashers that will automatically dispense the exact amount of detergent needed, depending on how dirty your dishes are. 

The G7000 range will launch this September and will be the first kind of dishwasher that can automatically dispense the detergent in this way. The invention aims to make dishwashing more energy efficient and has been designed to prevent wasting detergent. 

The automated detergent dispenser is fitted inside the door of the dishwasher and uses a sensor to vary the amount of detergent it releases - the bigger the load, the more detergent it will release. 

Miele’s new dishwasher range doesn’t come cheap though. You can expect to pay between $1,499 and $2,999 for these smart dishwashers - that’s more expensive than any dishwashers in our guide. 

This week we revealed 9 surprising things you can sanitize in your dishwasher, but what else can Miele’s new dishwasher range do?

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Smart dishwashers from Miele  

Miele’s new G7000 dishwasher range is smart-enabled so that you can connect them to your WiFi and control the dishwasher from your smartphone. From the app, users can start wash cycles, order detergent, and check on the progress of a dishwasher cycle too. 

You will also be able to control the new range of dishwashers using an Amazon Alexa smart speaker.

As smart home products develop, it’s not uncommon now to be able to program your other appliances such as a front load washer from your phone, and helpfully, many let you create a program for washing times that fits around your lifestyle. Some of the best washer dryer combos can also automatically dispense detergent. 

What else is new about the Miele G7000 dishwashers? Each of the new models will have an M Touch color display which can be operated with tapping and swiping. This will also be available for integrated dishwashers. 

A new cutlery basket design and flexible layout also claim to make using the dishwasher much easier. 

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