Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB review: a high-end gas grill

The Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB is a large, powerful grill that is perfect for parties and cookouts.

Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB in a field during testing
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Really impressive grilling abilities, but the assembly and complete design isn't the slickest.


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    Five burners


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    A nightmare to assemble

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    Very expensive

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If you are going to be hosting a lot of parties or cookouts then the Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB is a great choice. It features five powerful burners and can cook up to 26 burgers or chicken legs at once.

During our testing process, we found it incredibly difficult to assemble - it took three of us the better part of three hours to finish. This is not ideal if you want to get to grilling straight away. 

Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB Key Specs

Dimensions: 123cm H x 140cm W x 63.5cm D
Fuel type: Gas
Materials: Stainless steel
Warming rack: Yes
Wheels: Yes
Number of burners: Five
Side table: Yes

If you are looking for the best gas grills then the Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 is a good choice. We will break down and assess the specs, features, design and user reviews to help you compare this grill to other models that you may be interested in. 

One thing that really stood out to us during our testing process is the number of burners that this model has. It has three main burners, a side burner and a burner for the warming rack. This grill is ideal for people who want to cook huge quantities of food for cookouts or parties, or if you have a large family. 

We found that the Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 is one of the larger models that we tested, and the assembly was rough. It took three of us over three hours to fully assemble this grill - it really was a challenge. If you are gearing up for a summer garden party then be sure to check out our guides to the best infrared grills and the best patio heaters

Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB: Design

The design of the Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB is classic. It has four wheels so that it can be easily moved around patios or porches, and the stainless steel exterior is resistant to the elements. This is a barbecue that you will want to cover after use, but you won't need to worry about dragging it indoors. We found that the wheels make it hard to move on grass as they are quite small, so this might be better left on a porch or patio. 

This particular model uses temperature dials to control the heat of the five burners, which is a nice addition over touch controls as they can lose their sensitivity over time. 

The Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB has a side table and a side burner for prepping and serving - this is a nice addition as you won't need to bring an additional table outside for prep.  

Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB

A side table and side burner is helpful for prepping and serving (Image credit: Future)

Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB: Features

The Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB has a number of features that stood out to us during our testing process as they helped us cook burgers and chicken to perfection with a nice char. 

The instant JETFIRE ignition system allows you to light the grill at the push of a button without the need for matches or a barbecue lighter, and the temperature gauge helps you to keep track of the temperature of your grill while you are cooking.

The side burner is also a nice addition as it allows you to cater to dietary requirements or prepare garnishes while you cook main dishes. The wheels make it easy to move around hard surfaces, but you may struggle to move it onto grass or dirt as they are quite small and can get snagged easily. 

The whole grill from the lid to the burner is incredibly easy to clean thanks to the stainless steel material, and the matte black color helps it to stay hot for slow cooking or smoking. The controls are backlit which makes it easy to see, which is also a great addition in our opinion. 

Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 controls are backlit

The controls are backlit (Image credit: Future)

Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB: Price and availability

The Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB usually retails for around $1800/£1400, making it one of the most expensive grills on our list. While it does boast a number of impressive features and a huge cooking area, this price is only really worth it if you see yourself hosting large cookouts or family gatherings. 

It's available to buy from resellers such as Walmart and Best Buy.

If you have a small family or won't use this grill very often, then you may want to go for a cheaper, smaller option. 

Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB: User Reviews

The Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB is high quality and easy to clean, and the user reviews certainly back this up. The grill has an average rating of 4.6/5 on Napoleon's website with users praising its efficiency and size. 

One happy user said "I have had a Napolean Bar-B-Que for 5+ years and there just is no better product than what they manufacture. The quality is stellar. The look is pleasing. The design and efficiency is bar non the best available." 

The small number of negative reviews often have problems with the electrical system in the grill. One user stated "The bbq cooks really well. the one problem I have is that the electrical system for the lights and for lighting the two infrared burners do not work. changed the batteries, checked the connections and also asked by email to get a solution but no reply from napoleon." 

In terms of customer support, users seem to have a bit of a problem getting a response from Napoleon, which is definitely a problem and something to consider when making this purchase. Napoleon

Should you buy the Napoleon Phantom Rogue SE 425 RSIB

If you are going to have a lot of people over for cookouts then this is a powerful, efficient grill that will make a lot of people happy. The ability to cater to vegetarians/alternative diets thanks to the side burner is great, and the grill size is enough to feed dozens of people. 

Having said this, if you are only going to be cooking for yourself and your family then it is hard to justify the enormous price tag. If you are not cooking for a lot of people then we would suggest looking at a smaller, cheaper option. 

Another thing to note is the huge amount of assembly - if you want to get to grilling straight away then this definitely is not the model for you. 

napoleon phatom in a box

The Napoleon Phatom in a box before assembling (Image credit: Future)
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