Paramount Plus enters the TV streaming battle, with Frasier and Star Trek leading the charge

Paramount Plus Star Trek
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Oh, you think you have enough streaming services do you? Well surprise, here comes another one in the form of Paramount Plus. Well actually that’s not strictly true, as Paramount Plus will be replacing CBS All Access when it launches next week.

So, what’s the deal with Paramount Plus and how is it shaping up in a market already saturated with options like Netflix and Disney Plus to name a few? Well it’s launching next week on March 4 and will cost $10 a month for an ad-free service, with a cheaper $5 a month tier launching in June that will be supported by ad content.

Paramount Plus will feature a ton of on-demand content as you’d expect from a network hoping to go up against the best TV streaming services, but interestingly it will also feature live streams of the CBS network, meaning you can watch regular CBS broadcasts on any device. This includes live sports streams, which is a huge bonus feature that few streaming services can offer. Access to live content will be available to both the premium and ad-supported tiers, though there will be limits on some content for the later.

What shows will Paramount Plus have? 

Out of the gates, there won’t be a ton of original content from Paramount Plus, much like we saw with the slow start that Disney Plus had when it first arrived. Sci-fi nerds will be thrilled to hear that the upcoming Star Trek: Brave New Worlds will be launching onto the service, as will the long-awaited Halo TV series based on the popular Xbox game franchise.

Anyone hankering for tossed salads and scrambled eggs is in luck too, because Paramount has also confirmed that a Frasier revival is in the works too, with star Kelsey Grammer reprising the leading role. There will also be shows and movies based on numerous Paramount properties including Spongebob Squarepants, The Godfather, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Italian Job, and more.

Paramount Plus Frasier

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Perhaps the most interesting news to come out of this though, is that future Paramount movies will be joining the service anywhere from 35-45 days after they hit cinema screens. Paramount is a huge studio with swathes of blockbuster franchises under its belt, and this means that subscribers will get to watch upcoming movies like A Quiet Place Part II, Missions Impossible 7, and Top Gun: Maverick just over a month after they hit the big screen. 

We’ve already seen similar moves with HBO Max adding new releases like Wonder Woman 1984 onto the service on the same day it launched in theaters, but it’s encouraging to see other services following suit, especially in the current climate where going to the cinema just isn’t possible for many.

We have to say, we’re excited to see this revitalized push into streaming from Paramount. Paramount Plus is competitively priced and offers some real killer apps, including the addition of live sports streaming - something Netflix can only dream of for now. It is entering a packed market though, with NBC’s Peacock also entering the fray last year and established names like Netflix and Hulu holding huge audiences.

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