Pelonis NY1507-14A Oil Filled Radiator review

For the price, it's very hard to beat this effective, efficient, oil-filled radiator

Pelonis NY1507-14A review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Fast to heat, effective, and boasting a great set of features, the Pelonis NY1507-14A is a fantastic mid-range space heater for small and medium-sized rooms. You'll need something more powerful to warm very large rooms though.


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    Digital thermostat

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    Energy efficient


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    Control panel beeps are little loud

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We've researched the latest heaters, asked the experts, and sifted through thousands of specs, features and user reviews to find the best space heaters around. Here's everything you need to know about the Pelonis NY1507-14A oil-filled radiator.

Pelonis NY1507-14A: What is it?

Pelonis NY1507-14A review

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Pelonis NY1507-14A is a portable oil-filled radiator from pioneering heater technology company Pelonis. An indoor heater, it’s suitable for small to medium-sized rooms (up to 162 sq ft), can be controlled electronically, and has a one-year warranty. 

Pelonis NY1507-14A: Price

The Pelonis NY1507-14A costs less than $100 at Amazon, placing it firmly in the mid-range category of space heater. You can buy cheaper options, with less features; while top-range models like the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link will set you back by a few hundred dollars. 

Given the impressive performance and generous feature set of the Pelonis NY1507-14A, we think this electric heater is fantastic value for money.

Pelonis NY1507-14A: Features

Pelonis NY1507-14A specs

Dimensions: 12 x 13 x 25inches
Heat Type: Oil
Maximum BTU: 5120
Wattage: 1500
Coverage Area:162 sq ft
Remote Control: Yes
Display: LCD
Eco Setting: Yes
Overheat Shut-off: Yes
Tip-Over Safety Switch: Yes

If you like optimized temperature in a stylish and energy efficient indoor heater, the fast-warming Pelonis NY1507-14A will keep you warm and cozy. This space heater provides efficient radiant heat with self-regulating heat output and an energy-saving function that optimizes the power settings to achieve your customized temperature. What’s more, the oil never needs refilling or replacing.

The Pelonis NY1507-14A has an easily programmable panel, a 10-hour digital timer and a decent remote control, so you can get comfy and cozy and not have to leave the couch to turn up the heat.

The power indicator light lets you know the unit is on, while the built-in safety features mean you can heat your space without worrying about the radiator over-heating. A clever additional feature is its tip-over safety switch that shuts off the heater if it is accidentally knocked over, which makes it super safe around kids and pets.

Pelonis NY1507-14A: Design

Pelonis NY1507-14A review

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Pelonis is made of heavy-gauge steel with a durable rust-free enamel finish. It’s pretty sleek – black and grey with an LCD screen, making it much more stylish than your average white heater. It has 360-degree rotating wheels, too, so it’s a cinch to move it from room to room. Plus, the heat it gives off rises, so you can sit close to the radiator, and the radiator itself doesn’t get too hot to the touch.

Pelonis NY1507-14A: How it works

The Pelonis NY1507-14A radiator switches itself on and off in order to maintain a set temperature. It will heat until the room reaches the temperature you want, at which point the heating element will stop heating and the temperature setting LED lamp will continue to flash. The heater resumes heating again when the temperature falls below the set temperature. 

The Pelonis NY1507-14A is a very safe heater. There is no fire, glow, or any type of exposed flammable surface, and it gives off an even heat. 

Pelonis NY1507-14A: User Reviews

Pelonis NY1507-14A review

(Image credit: Amazon)

Averaging 4 out of 5 stars at Amazon, across over 250 reviews, the Pelonis NY1507-14A is a popular space heater. Users say it’s pretty good value for money, but that the thermostat isn’t the most accurate around, meaning a room can actually heat up too much. 

Many users like the ‘Eco’ mode, which starts high, then drops to low before turning off once the temperature has been reached. Other users also like the safety features of this radiator – it’s okay to be left on the Eco setting throughout the day. 

Bear in mind that some users report that the beeping on the control panel is loud enough to wake the person in the room. However, others enthuse about the overall quietness of the radiator compared to conventional fan heaters.

Should you buy the Pelonis NY1507-14A?

If you have a small space to heat, such as a bedroom or home office, then yes, the Pelonis NY1507-14A oil-filled radiator is a very good choice. It's very good at heating small areas efficiently and cost-effectively. 

However, if you’re looking to heat a larger room, areas such as basements or garages, or a room with particularly high ceilings, you'll want a more powerful model. You'll find plenty of alternatives below.

Alternatives to the Pelonis NY1507-14A

Not sure that the Pelonis NY1507-14A is the right heater for you? You’ll find plenty more options in our best space heater guide, where we've selected a range of models that excel in different situations, for all budgets. Here are our three top alternatives to the Pelonis NY1507-14

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