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Veromi is one of the weaker people search services we reviewed. It provides incomplete and inaccurate reports that include incorrect information.

Early Verdict

Veromi is the least useful service we reviewed, its high prices don’t justify the results.


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    Veromi lets you purchase individual reports.


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    The results are highly inaccurate and incomplete.

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Veromi is one of the weaker people search services we reviewed. It provides incomplete and inaccurate reports that include incorrect information. It’s also one of the more expensive services we reviewed.

To test these services, we purchased reports for three different people and confirmed the results with our subjects to ensure accuracy. Veromi returned the most paltry reports of any service. The addresses listed as current in each report were out of date by as much as 15 years.

These reports typically include information such as emails, addresses, phone numbers, marriages, assets and criminal history. Veromi doesn’t list any email or phone numbers. It lists phone numbers for associated addresses, but those addresses are old and unlike services such as US Search and PeopleFinders, Veromi doesn’t acknowledge the existence of cell phones.

Veromi combs through a variety of public records databases for information about marriages, bankruptcies, domain registrations and criminal records. Though all our subjects are married and the marriages were conducted in states Veromi can pull results from, the marriages didn’t appear on the records.

Pricing wise, Veromi is one of the more expensive services. A subscription is $24.95 a month, and allows you to run an unlimited number of searches. You can purchase individual reports for $9.95, but these are basic, and only include information about addresses and relatives. More extensive background reports include property records, marriages and criminal history but they cost $39.95. You also need to buy the subscription and pay for the final report as well.

We looked at how well you can search and find your targets through the service. We had some trouble with Veromi as its search was inconsistent. At times it wouldn’t return results and when it did there were errors. To get the best results, make your query as complete as possible by including your subject’s age and the city they live in. This is especially true with common names. One of our subjects has a very common name and we couldn’t find him by searching with his first and last name. Veromi doesn’t filter the results, so if your search is unsuccessful, you go back and start over.

The company’s vast number of search options can help put you on the right track with your search. When Veromi gets a successful hit, you receive a lot of useful information for finding the person you’re looking for, but too often, as we found in our testing, it ended up with a swing and a miss.

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