MoneyLine Personal Finance review

MoneyLine is easy-to-use personal finance software that syncs to your bank so you can stay on top of all of your finances and budget.

MoneyLine personal finance software review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

MoneyLine is a good choice for the value and is very simple to use. However, it lacks a mobile app.


  • +

    Makes managing budgets easy

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    Good value

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    Great desktop option


  • -

    No mobile app

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    Outdated interface

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With MoneyLine, you get a lot for your money. It offers the majority of features that other services offer but at a lower price, making it a good value. Adding accounts, creating a budget and managing transactions is very simple with this platform. It looks dated compared to other financial management programs on our lineup, and its main drawback is that there isn't a mobile app available. But beyond that, it a solid choice in the best personal finance software.

MoneyLine: Main Features 

When you set up your account, you can choose to sync your bank, credit union, credit card and investment accounts. Syncing your accounts means that all balance and transaction data transfers over into your ledger and updates periodically so you can keep track of your spending and income without checking with each of your banks. You can also upload transactions or add them manually if you prefer not to sync your financial accounts.

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If you add transactions manually, this process is simple to complete and very intuitive. You simply fill out the information and choose the category. You use this same option to schedule future transactions by adjusting the date, and the home finance software knows to not factor it into your finances until the appropriate time. So if your car insurance is due twice a year, you can add the transactions and set reminders without it affecting your balances. You can also schedule your paychecks if you know what the balances will be each pay period.

Setting up your budget is equally simple. After you pull up the separate budgeting window, you set the dollar limit for each category, and the personal finance software gives you a total for the month. You can choose to have the software display an alert if your transactions exceed the limits established as well. This financial management software doesn't offer specific goal-tracking tools, but you can include a savings account in your budget and transfer amounts to it monthly if you're working toward a goal.

You can also sync to and manage brokerage accounts, which report separately from your banking accounts, so they don't affect everyday balances. You can keep track of trades, symbols and prices, along with running reports to view your portfolio's performance and trading history.

Should you try MoneyLine?

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Reporting options include income versus expenses, categorized reports, account activity and a report of your budget. You can select which account, period and metrics to include. After running the report, you can export it to a PDF or CSV format, which can be used in other programs. You can also email or print them.

Should you try MoneyLine? 

MoneyLine's interface looks outdated and doesn't offer a smartphone app. But beyond these limitations, it's a good home finance program that's simple to use, syncs to your banks, and allows you to manually add and edit transactions. If all of your budgeting and personal finance management happens on your desktop, MoneyLine is a good choice.

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