Pioneer WYS012G-19 review

The Pioneer WYS012G-19 is an easy-to-use single zone ductless air conditioner.

Pioneer WYS012G-19: Image showing air conditioner
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The Pioneer WYS012G-19 is an energy-efficient and compact ductless air conditioner that’s best suited to smaller spaces.


  • +

    Permanent washable air filters

  • +

    LED display


  • -

    Single zone

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    Not smart-enabled

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The Pioneer WYS012G-19 is a budget choice that offers a sleek design and plenty of features. It isn’t designed to cover larger spaces, but for anyone who wants a ductless air conditioner with a refined design and only needs coverage for a small single space, the Pioneer WYS012G-19 is a great choice. 

If that doesn’t quite fit your needs, there’s a wide range of options on our round up of the best ductless air conditioners, from dual-zone systems to single-zone options with the power to cover large spaces.

Pioneer WYS012G-19: Pricing and value 

The Pioneer WYS012G-19 is available for around $740, making it one of the cheapest options on our round up of the best ductless air conditioners. It’s about $140 cheaper than the Emerson Quiet Kool 19S-EACH12R1W, which is also a single zone ductless air conditioner. The Pioneer WYS012G-19 has smaller coverage than the Emerson, but the Pioneer WYS012G-19 still offers good value thanks to some good usability features, like a dimmable LED display, as well as being durable and compact. The permanent, washable filters mean you won’t need to factor in the cost of regular replacements, while the five-year parts and five-year compressor warranties mean this ductless air conditioner should continue to cool and heat your home for years to come. 

It’s considerably less expensive than dual zone systems, like the Bosch 8733954447, or single zone systems with the power to cover large spaces, like the Daikin FTXB18AXVJU. So, if you don’t need the extra space coverage or multiple indoor units, then the Pioneer WYS012G-19 is a great option that can be hundreds of dollars cheaper than other options we’ve looked at.

Pioneer WYS012G-19: Features

The Pioneer WYS012G-19 is a highly efficient ductless mini-split inverter and heat pump system that can efficiently cool or heat spaces up to 450 square feet in size. The compact indoor unit is sleek and unobtrusive, with an indoor temperature setting range of 62-90 F and a low heat setting when in unoccupied-vacation mode of 46 Fahrenheit. The unit’s flat front panel features a dimmable LED display that allows you to view temperature and settings at a glance. You can also control the unit from across the room with the included wireless infrared remote controller, which utilizes a large LCD backlit display for ease of use.

Users have four operating modes to choose from; cooling, heating, dehumidifying, and ventilation, while an automatic switchover mode is available for completely automatic operation. Night mode functionality allows the system to adapt to changing body temperature throughout the night for a more comfortable sleep.

The full system comprises an indoor section, outdoor section, remote controller, and standard installation accessories. The outdoor section utilizes a variable speed high-efficiency DC inverter compressor. It’s also durable, thanks to a galvanized metal construction and electrostatic epoxy paint. Along with good warranties, the Pioneer WYS012G-19 should be able to run for years to come. 

Pioneer WYS012G-19

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Pioneer WYS012G-19: User reviews 

The Pioneer WYS012G-19 is really popular with users, scoring an average of 4.4 out of five with both noise level and energy efficiency, in particular, being commended. One user noted that they found they could hear no noise at all from the indoor unit, while the outdoor unit was so quiet they could easily hear someone speaking at a whisper.

The cooling functionality was well-reviewed, with users noting that this system easily handled whole summers of blazing temperatures while keeping their space cool. The heating functionality was deemed to be good, although not as good as that of supplementary space heaters.

Some users have had problems with this system, but there doesn’t seem to be any particular fault in common. One found that the system iced up and they were informed that they were trying to cool too large a space, while others had some trouble with installation.

Overall, this is still a really popular system with many users noting that it offered good value and performed as expected.

Should you buy the Pioneer WYS012G-19? 

The Pioneer WYS012G-19 may have quite a few limitations, it’s a single zone system and has one of the smallest coverages of any ductless air conditioner on our list, but if it’s one small room you’re looking to use it for, then it offers great value for money. It’s durable with a good warranty and a range of airflow customization features. Its closest competitor is the Emerson Quiet Kool 19S-EACH12R1W, which offers a little more space coverage but is also a little more expensive. But if you want something that can handle multiple spaces, you should expect to pay quite a bit more. The Gree MULTI24HP312, for example, is a great system that comes with multiple indoor units but is priced at $2900. 

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