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Harbor Freight Portland 63254 Review

The Portland 63254, available exclusively at Harbor Freight, is a capable, if average, electric pressure washer for budget-conscious homeowners.

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The Portland 63254 is an affordable pressure washer that can handle most cleaning jobs, though its short warranty makes it difficult to recommend to serious users.


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    It costs less than most pressure washers and performs good enough for its price.


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    The 90-day warranty is the shortest in our comparison.

The Portland 63254, available exclusively at Harbor Freight, is a capable, if average, electric pressure washer for budget-conscious homeowners. However, it’s slightly more difficult to use and the warranty is incredibly short. Also, although the machine comes with a decent set of accessories, you can't buy others.

This model is less expensive than average, and Harbor Freight often has sales or coupons that make it almost as affordable as the Greenworks GPW1501. We were impressed by its satisfactory cleaning power. This pressure washer did well enough in tests, blasting mud and oil off our test surfaces without much trouble, though it wasn't nearly as good as most other models we tested, including the RYOBI RY14122.

The Portland 63254 requires minimal assembly – all you need to do is screw the face plate on and attach a couple hoses. This relatively light machine has an attractive design, but the wheels didn't work very well when we moved it around our test area. Although you can store the pressure hose on a hook on the back of the Portland 63254, you can't wheel the machine while the hose is there without it dragging on the ground. Also, the water supply connector was hard to unscrew after testing. This machine tied with the Greenworks GPW1501 for loudest machine, making 91 dB of noise.

The 90-day warranty is objectively the worst thing about this product. It's substantially shorter than any other pressure washer warranty. With a warranty this short, replacing a faulty machine could be a real challenge. However, it's entirely possible the pressure washer will outlive its warranty and give you years of productive cleaning.

The Portland 63254 comes with two nozzles: an adjustable nozzle and a soap nozzle. The adjustable nozzle, like those we tested from AR Blue Clean and Karcher, is much less usable than swappable preset nozzles. The soap nozzle is good enough for cleaning but also flawed because the detergent bottle makes it more difficult to hold the handle. Harbor Freight doesn't make or sell any other accessories or nozzles for this machine. We also don’t recommend buying third-party nozzles since the wand appears to use a proprietary connection.

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