Rinnai FC824P review

The Rinnai FC824P is a small, flexible convector heater ideal for heating large spaces such as garages and basements

Rinnai FC824P
(Image: © Rinnai)

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

This model really packs a punch for such a compact heater, and looks great too. It’s ideal if you live somewhere with regular power outages as it doesn’t rely on electricity.


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    Heats quickly

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    Doesn’t come cheap

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Rinnai FC824P: Price

The Rinnai FC824P is a top of the range space heater with a price tag to match. It's available on Amazon for $762.07, which is significantly more than other heaters but we think it's got the legs to back up the hefty outlay. It's also extremely efficient, making it more economical to run which takes the sting out of the price tag. 

Rinnai FC824P: Features

  • Doesn’t need to hook up to your electricity to operate
  • Comes with the all-important Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS)
Rinnai FC824P Spec

Weight: 31.9 lbs
Dimensions: 3 x 10 x 20 inches
Voltage: 120 V
Warranty: 3 years

This model is great if you happen to have the occasional (or even frequent) power failure as it doesn’t need to hook up to your electricity to operate. Add to that the fact that propane is one of the cleanest burning fuels - so you won’t have to deal with any toxic emissions - and this model doesn’t seem so expensive after all.

As with most fuel-fired space heaters on the market these days, it comes with the all-important Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) that means it automatically shuts off if inadequate oxygen levels are detected. It features a safer low temperature casing and timer to keep it cost-effective too.

The Rinnai FC824P runs at 29W and 120V with a minimum BTU rating of 8,000 BTU, and maximum of 22,000 BTU, which means it has easily enough power to quickly heat spaces of up to 1000 square feet. The heating settings are controlled using a programmable thermostat and digital display, so it’s really simple to use. This particular model offers two fan speeds – unsurprisingly marked ‘low’ and ‘high’. The body of the heater is made from steel, with covered vents at the bottom, making it safer for those with small children or pets at home.

While extolling the virtues of the Rinnai FC824P, it’s important to bear in mind that that ventless gas heaters can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if the space itself is not vented properly. This is why this model works so well in a large room, and can be used effectively outside. If you are using it indoors, as well as ensuring it is properly vented, adding a dehumidifier to the room that the heater is in is recommended. Emissions from the propane as it burns can bring about a lot of moisture, which in turn can cause mildew. The use of a dehumidifier will help avoid this.

Rinnai FC824P: Design

  • Plain design
  • Pretty compact

Let’s be honest, the Rinnai FC824P isn’t the most beautiful heater on the market. However, it’s pretty compact, so unless you prioritize aesthetics over performance, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for this option.

Rinnai FC824P: Performance

  • Heat loss is minimized
  • Heater itself stays cool to the touch

With no vents or ducts on the Rinnai FC824P, heat loss is minimized, so it’s one of the most economical heaters on the market.

The heater itself stays cool to the touch, so it’s perfectly safe to use around children and pets. Not only that, but its onboard self-diagnostics ensure your heater is performing optimally and also simplifies troubleshooting if maintenance or service is needed. The thermostat on the RinnaiFC824P is also is highly responsive, so your room stays at your desired temperature level without you constantly having to monitor the thermostat.

The oxygen that’s required for fuel on the Rinnai FC824P is taken directly from the air around the unit. It’s designed so that nearly all the heat it produces is expelled, which means that all the heat is delivered directly to you and the space you occupy.

Rinnai FC824P: User reviews

  • Users say it is very efficient
  • Quietness of the fan scores high in user reviews

One user reported that the inside of their house was a mere 55 degrees before using the Rinnai FC824P, but within 10 minutes of the unit being turned they had been able to turn the temperature down because it got too hot, so that’s a pretty big vote for the Rinnai FC824P.

Another user describes the heaters as terrifically efficient, cool to the touch and extraordinarily responsive to its thermostat. The heater is also reviewed favourably for how quietly they operate.

The quietness of the fan scores high in user reviews, as does the fact that it heats up a space very quickly.

Should you buy the Rinnai FC824P?

If you have a large space to heat quickly, cost-effectively and long-term, definitely.

Alternatives to the Rinnai FC824P

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