Samsung announces new stylish Galaxy Book range of laptops

Samsung announces new stylish Galaxy Book range of laptops
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Samsung has announced a series of new laptops at its Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event. The new range includes the Samsung Galaxy Book, Samsung Galaxy Book Pro, and Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey, covering the needs of pretty much everyone from those looking for a stylish laptop to those seeking a gaming device. It's far too early days to know if this will shake up our best laptops roundup but Samsung generally offers some fairly stylish and powerful devices for a price, so there's a decent chance of it.

Starting out, there's the Samsung Galaxy Book which is expected to go on sale at between $800 and $1,000 - we are still waiting for official confirmation. It weighs only 1.55kg and is a mere 15.4mm thick despite managing to cram a 15.6-inch screen in there. As you'd expect from any new laptop, there are a range of different configurations to choose from with the base model starting with an Intel 11th generation CPU, 4GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. There's only a 720p web cam but a fingerprint sensor built into the power button is sure to come in handy. 

For those looking for the ultimate in portability, there's a choice of a LTE model too if you prefer to go Wi-Fi free while still staying connected. 

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is even lighter at 0.88kg and offers a depth of only 11.2mm which should delight those looking for the slimmest of devices. That's for the 13.3-inch model with the 15.6-inch model slightly bigger at 1.05kg and a thickness of 11.7mm - nothing too noticeable then. It's likely to start at $1,099.

There's also the Galaxy Book Pro 360 which works like the Pro but is a convertible device if you want to swap between touchscreen use and conventional laptop needs. Both the Galaxy Book Pros offer an AMOLED display so it should look fantastic in every day use.

Samsung's gaming laptop

Then there's the Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey which is aimed at the gaming market. Besides its 11th generation Intel Core processor, it's the first laptop to offer an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Max-Q or 3050 Ti Max-Q GPU. It also has a 15.6-inch screen and weighs about 1.85kg. Expect it to start at $1,399 which isn't bad at all for the latest graphics card although don't be surprised if adding more storage and RAM soon adds up. 

Interestingly, for all Samsung users, the Galaxy Book range includes Samsung's Second Screen feature which allows you to use a Galaxy Tab tablet as a secondary display. You can also pair up your Samsung earbuds more quickly here with Link to Windows making it simple to connect to your phone from your laptop. These are all features that feel distinctly Apple in nature and if you're already an owner of some Samsung devices, it could sway your decision. 

Samsung is already one of the strongest companies when it comes to the best smartphones as well as offering some of the best TVs too but it's yet to truly become a name to be reckoned with on the laptops front. If the Samsung Galaxy Book range delivers on its promises, that could well change. Expect to be able to pre-order one in May.  

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