Save over $80 on this powerful cordless chainsaw at Target - it's an online-only deal so check it out now

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If you're looking for one of the best chainsaws, you'll soon discover that some of the greatest chainsaw deals are BYOB: bring your own battery. That's because most manufacturers encourage you to use the same battery across all your power tools, cutting down on unnecessary manufacturing and reducing each tool's environmental footprint. 

Reducing your footprint is laudable, but you don't need to be a tree-hugger to benefit when you're buying a tree-cutter: tool-only options can save you serious cash too, provided of course you have the appropriate battery.

If you've got some Black & Decker 20V MAX tools, you can pop the battery right into the LCS1020B chainsaw for powerful and long-lasting cutting – and if you go to Target online (and only online – this deal isn't available in stores) you can get 41% off the price. That's a saving of $80.04, bringing the price down from $194.99 to $114.95.

Black & Decker LCS1020B 20V MAX cordless chainsaw (tool only): was $194.99, now $114.95 – save $80.04 at Target

Black & Decker LCS1020B 20V MAX cordless chainsaw (tool only): was $194.99, now $114.95 – save $80.04 at Target

This ten-inch cordless chainsaw is an excellent blend of power and portability thanks to Black & Decker's 20V MAX power plant, which is designed for serious stamina. Tool-free chain tensioning makes it easy to adjust the chain without hassle, and it's designed to deliver smooth, fast cuts no matter how far away from a power point you roam. Just remember that the battery and charger are not included.

Black & Decker LCS1020B 20V MAX cordless chainsaw: key features

The thing about chainsaws is that they usually have to go to awkward places – places where you can't just run a cord, either because it's too high up or because you're nowhere near a power point. Since forever that's meant gas-powered chainsaws, but of course they're incredibly noisy and smoky and they aren't exactly great for the environment either. Now that we can rely on cordless batteries to deliver power that doesn't run out before you've broken a single branch, electric cordless chainsaws offer the convenience of gas and the clean power of electric.

This particular model weighs 7.2lbs without the battery and you can expect up to 45 minutes of continuous use. It's light but not flimsy: small enough that you're not going to curse it after lugging it around for hours, but big enough to handle proper jobs. The low-kickback design reduces unpredictable movements, and the tool-free tensioning is a big plus too.

Provided you're realistic about what you want it to do – a ten-inch electric chainsaw isn't going to do much to a giant tree, but it's fantastic for light cutting work – this is a very portable and user-friendly cutter with good battery life, fuss-free operation and interchangeability with other 20V MAX tools. This particular offer doesn't include that battery or its charger, however, so make sure you factor them in if you aren't already a Black & Decker owner.

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