Pros / U-Haul has a great selection of trucks and vans specifically designed for household moving.

Cons / U-Haul rarely offers coupons or promotional pricing.

 Verdict / U-Haul has the best selection of trucks and a huge network of pick up and drop off locations, making it the best service to move your household belongings.

This truck rental service is one of the most recognizable and it's one of the few that offers one-way truck rentals. The familiar orange design and advertised $19.95 in-town price are instantly recognizable. U-Haul has more than 20,000 locations in all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces, so it’s easy to find a location near you, even if you live in a rural area.

U-Haul offers more truck size options than other truck rental companies. The company's smallest moving truck rental is 10 feet long, and the largest is 26 feet long. In between there are 15-foot, 17-foot and 20-foot trucks. You can also rent a cargo van or pickup truck if you’re moving into a dorm or have a small load. U-Haul doesn’t have temperature controlled trucks however, Ryder is the only company we researched that rents refrigerated trucks.

All the trucks have low loading decks, so it’s easy to get your possessions inside, and most trucks seat three adults. The trucks that are 15 feet and longer have a small compartment known as Mom's Attic. This area is located above the cab and is separated from the rest of the truck’s bed so it’s perfect for fragile items. The low-profile and aerodynamic truck designs not only make them easy to load, but also save on fuel costs. All the trucks have a fuel economy gauge to keep an eye on how much fuel you’re using.

In addition to rental trucks and vans, U-Haul loans tow dollies and car carriers. These are trailers with two and four wheels, respectively, for hauling your vehicle behind the truck while you move your household belongings. Since you can tow a car using U-Haul's smallest 10-foot truck, you don't have to rent the largest truck and waste space to tow.

U-Haul offers the best selection of additional equipment and services. Rent a hand truck and moving blankets to help move heavy furniture and ensure your belongings don’t get scratched by other items in the truck. You can also buy moving boxes that are all the same size and sturdier than a typical cardboard box.

The company’s website is easy to navigate, and has a request form for a moving assistance quote. Once you compare reviews and rates for laborers in your area, U-Haul handles the payment process so you don’t have to exchange any money with the laborers.

Your reservation with U-Haul is guaranteed, which not all truck rental services do. If U-Haul fails to provide you with the vehicle you reserved at the time and location you selected, the company gives you $50. If anything goes wrong with the truck during your move, call the toll-free phone number or visit the U-Haul website to request ‘round-the-clock roadside assistance.

U-Haul is the best truck rental company we reviewed. It has the best selection of trucks and cargo vans, and all the additional equipment to safely move your household belongings anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Coupons and promotional pricing periods are few and far between, but U-Haul’s normal daily rates and mileage rates are among the best.