Pros / The website offers useful information for making the best healthcare decisions.

Cons / Cigna only has medical plans for 12 states.

 Verdict / Cigna provides a fair choice of healthcare plans for the 12 states it operates in. In addition, it has a strong site with useful information for its clients.

Cigna health insurance company provides plans that can cover major medical care in accordance with the Affordable Care Act, plus dental insurance and global plans. While it can be used across the United States, the plans themselves are available only in 12 states, and you cannot get short-term plans that handle gaps in your coverage.

The website has several handy features. Like most health insurance company sites, you can find a doctor in your area that is in the network. Cigna, however, also has a search function for finding specific drugs. This allows you to see if your medication is covered by your plan as well as in what forms and if there are restrictions. This tool can help you work with your doctor to find a treatment that works for you and your budget.

Getting a quote online requires only your zip code and some basic identifying information. This health insurance company has medical plans for Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. You can find dental plans for other states.

The site presents you with both dental and health plans. You can select plans to compare, and it shows them to you side-by-side to help you make the best decision. You can also download the specifics in a PDF to view them at your leisure or discuss them with your spouse or partner.

This health insurance company also has global health insurance policies and dental plans. However, you cannot get a short-term plan from this health insurance company. Short-term plans are useful for filling temporary gaps in coverage that might arise from a change in employment or other life event.

Aside from the lack of short-term coverage, Cigna provides amenities common among most health insurance agencies: It has a large network of doctors, high-deductible plans, health savings accounts and a customer portal where you can manage your account or check on claims. It allows for home-care services, wellness programs and mail-order pharmacies. These are typical of most companies.

Cigna is a reputable health insurance company that provides policies for 12 states. It is easy to get a quote online, and the website offers information on finding a doctor and what drugs it covers. It lacks short-term coverage plans, but otherwise is a service worth looking into.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Sample Premium Rates

35 Year-Olds (Average $300)
$290 - $330
45 Year-Olds (Average $350)
$340 - $390
55 Year-Olds (Average $550)
$530 - $600


Health & Wellness Incentives
Discounts & Rewards
Mobile App
24-Hour Medical Advice
Short-Term Medical

Selection of Plans

Plan Options Available
Below Average
35 Year-Olds
Below Average
45 Year-Olds
Below Average
55 Year-Olds
Below Average