Pros / It recovered an average of 5.4 GB of storage.

Cons / It slowed boot time by 124.17 percent.

 Verdict / The WinZip System Utilities Suite actually made our computer worse in some areas, and it dramatically slowed the boot speed.

The WinZip System Utilities Suite PC cleaner software is designed to improve your computer’s performance, maintain PC health and recover storage space. In our tests, however, it made our computer worse in almost every facet of performance, and it more than doubled the boot time.

To find the best PC cleaner suites, we used all the available optimization tools found in each application on our test PC. We then used PCMark 10 to benchmark the performance improvements for word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing speed and video chat quality. We measured improvements to the boot speed and storage. Finally, we ran multiple scans on the test PC to see if the tune-up utilities consistently recognized the same issues on each scan.

After multiple rounds of testing, the WinZip suite produced an overall average improvement of 2.25 percent, which was approximately 2 percent below the category average. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. While the software improved graphics processing by 5.4 percent, it hurt word and data processing by 1.44 percent, caused web browsing to slow by 1.54 percent and degraded video chat quality by 0.17 percent. By comparison, the best PC system we reviewed, Glary Utilities Pro, improved the same computer’s overall performance by 12.62 percent – and even that improvement wasn’t significant enough to constitute a noticeable difference.

WinZip’s one benefit was the 5.4 GB of storage it recovered by emptying the recycle bin and clearing the cache. By contrast, most of the applications we tested recovered less than 1 GB, and some even took up more storage than they cleared. Still, the storage recovery wasn’t sufficient to make up for the program’s other faults.

The worst part of WinZip’s performance was what it did to our test PC’s boot speed. After we used the startup optimizer tool, the boot time slowed by an average of 124.17 percent. To put this into a simpler context, if your computer currently boots up in one minute, this program would slow it to more than two minutes. That’s simply unacceptable, especially since we were able to shrink boot times by 42 percent using only the built-in Windows startup manager.

WinZip received a B- for diagnostic consistency because it continued to report errors even after supposedly scanning and fixing them all. This isn’t an actual failing of the software but a common and deceitful technique some developers use to make you think the application is doing more than it actually is, so you continue to use it.

The WinZip suite’s ease of use and installation process are additional drawbacks that earned the software D grades in both areas. The application took nearly three hours to scan our computer and almost another hour to fix the errors. It crashed twice during installation and twice during the tests. In addition, it erased previous restore points, which makes it impossible to reverse the changes it makes (unless you plan ahead and make a backup image of your system on an external device, as we did for testing purposes).

WinZip System Utilities Suite is missing some advanced tools. While it includes tools for system backup and restore, file recovery and registry repair, it lacks shortcut repair, security and privacy optimization, a digital file shredder, file encryption and a solid-state drive optimizer. These tools may be superfluous for novice users who only want a basic PC maintenance tool, but it is a downside when you know that better applications include them – and many of those programs are cheaper.

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