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Lasko 6462 Review

The Lasko 6462 is the only portable electric space heater on our list to come with 360-degree oscillation

The Lasko 6462 is the only portable electric space heater on our list to come with 360-degree oscillation, which makes it capable of heating large spaces. However, it has some limitations in the speed at which it can heat a room, in addition to some safety feature omissions.

The Lasko 6462's heating radius is about 80 inches. This is the distance that you can move away from it before you no longer feel warmth, and 80 inches is a bit farther than average. It takes the Lasko nearly an hour to increase the ambient temperature in a cool room by 5 degrees, but it does very well in spot heating, which takes into account the fan's velocity rating in feet per minute. The fan itself has only one speed but can alternate between high and low heat. By comparison, the Dyson AM05 has 10 fan speeds.

The Lasko 6462 has a cool-touch exterior that allows you to handle it while it's still operating. This is much needed, since it comes with no carrying handles. It weighs only 7.7 pounds, making it easily movable. A built-in sensor turns the unit off if it becomes too hot, which limits the risk of fire and malfunction from overheating. However, it does not come with a timer to allow you to schedule shutdown, nor a tip-over sensor to turn the unit off if it's knocked over. The fan's noise level is 62 dB, which is standard. The unit can rotate a full 360 degrees, achieving the widest possible heat coverage. This would work in any room, but would be especially helpful in a workshop or basement area where you need a wide heat distribution.

A built-in digital thermostat allows you to set your desired temperature. Once the space heater reaches that temperature, the unit turns off. If the temperature drops below the set temperature, it turns on again. You can operate all its functions via the remote control. Although there is no dedicated cord storage area, you can wrap the power cable safely around the tapered base of the unit. The heater is protected by a three-year manufacturer warranty. Help with troubleshooting or receiving service is available via email or telephone.

The Lasko 6462 portable electric space heater distinguishes itself with its 360-degree oscillating fan and superior spot-heating capabilities. Its lack of carrying handles makes it cumbersome to transport, but its light build enables easy repositioning. Though it remains cool to the touch, it lacks other space heater safety features that would make it more convenient.