These fridge organization ideas mean your produce will never spoil again

Fridge organization ideas
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With these fridge organization ideas to inspire you, stocking your refrigerator after grocery shopping will be less of a chore, and more of a chance to optimize your space. Organizing your refrigerator will allow you to better know where everything is, and prevent you from wasting money on uneaten food that has passed its expiry date. It’s also so helpful for storing packed lunches for school, and for encouraging you to put meals together with what you’ve got before you need to spend money again. 

There are certain appliances that have an element of organization built-in, such as the best french door refrigerators or the best side-by-side refrigerators, which rely heavily on distinct compartments as part of their layout. These fridge organization ideas will boost a ready-made refrigerator's ability, or transform a less snazzy model into a haven for your groceries. Here are our favorite ideas when it comes to switching up your fridge space.  

Savvy fridge organization ideas

Add in clever features  

If you’ve ever quietly marveled at the ease of grabbing a can of soda at the store, then why not apply the same sort of mechanisms to your own fridge. With a can caddy, such as this one from Amazon, the next can will be pushed toward you without any movement, and you’ll only need to restock and reorganize this part of your fridge when you get groceries. Similarly, if you find yourself rooting around your fridge to find relish, sauce, or your prepped veggies in a jar, then why not introduce a lazy Susan, such as this one from Amazon, to your refrigerator, which rotates to offer you what you need.  

Fridge organization ideas

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Invest in reusable containers

If the thought of extra plastic in your fridge makes you despair, then we understand your worries, but there is a way that using containers within your refrigerator can contribute toward sustainability. With a set of reusable containers, such as these from Amazon, you can switch to buying loose produce in paper bags, including eggs if you get a dedicated holder. 

Plus, the organization stakes are high with these containers, and you can wash and arrange your fresh produce before you stack up your containers. The transparent design lets you know exactly what you have, and you can pick up individual containers such as these from Amazon, that allow you to make good on extra cooking ingredients. One essential tip is to line any of these containers that you’re using for fresh fruit or salad with a paper towel, to soak up extra moisture and keep things fresher for longer.  

Fridge organization ideas

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Don’t be afraid to shuffle around shelves

If you’re feeling frustrated with your refrigerator setup, then a great idea is to reconfigure. The next time your fridge is bare, take all of the shelves out, give it a clean, and reassess exactly what space you tend to use when stocking it up. If you have an extra-large space that you don’t tend to use, then try out different shelf heights to utilize that room. If necessary, you could even pick up another compatible shelf for your fridge, and be able to pack more in. 

If you can’t see a way to improve the formation, then there are other ideas, such as this extra drawer that attaches under a shelf, from Amazon. Or, if it’s space in the door of your refrigerator that you’re worried about, then you can invest in an extra bottle holder rack, such as this one from Amazon, for wines, beers, or other beverages.

Excellent fridge organization ideas don’t necessarily need to involve buying new components. Utilize the features that are already there, with the first being the crisper drawer that usually sits at the bottom of your unit. This area of the fridge is usually designed to keep your salad leaves and vegetables in the best condition possible and is worth keeping clean and fresh. Lots of refrigerators also have built-in egg containers or grooves for gallon bottles. It might sound simple but a great tip is to properly use those features or to invest in a model that has them and reap the benefits afterward.

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