Powerhorse Mini Cultivator Review

The Powerhorse Mini Cultivator is easy to use and has a powerful 250 rpm.

Powerhorse Mini Cultivator
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The Powerhorse Mini Cultivator is a powerful garden tiller for small to medium-sized gardens.


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    Great for lighter tasks


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    Not for large yards

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The Powerhorse Mini Cultivator is a gas-powered garden tiller that makes easy work of preparing your garden for planting. Its Viper engine turns the tines through the soil at 250 rpm, and it has a tilling depth of 8 inches. The result is finely cultivated earth that's ideal for new seeds and plants. The Powerhorse is a good choice among the best tillers, but it's hard to find it in stock. 

Powerhorse Mini Cultivator: Features

Every garden tiller on our lineup requires at least some assembly. Fortunately, this model isn't very hard to put together as the most important components are already assembled. The only thing you have to build is the handlebar and shaft, which you then attach it to the motor/tine module. This step involves merely tightening some screws and bolts. As long as the instructions are followed, anyone should be able to assemble this cultivator with few to no problems.

This cultivator is gas-powered, which has both advantages and drawbacks. The biggest advantage is that you can take it anywhere without worrying about carting around an extension cord or being near a power outlet. The trade-off is that you need to mix a blend of gasoline and oil for the machine's fuel. And you have to get it just right – always consult the owner's manual before you mix these potentially dangerous chemicals together.

When assembled, this small cultivator weighs 36 pounds, which may be tiring for many users after an hour or so of usage. However, the machine’s 2-cycle Viper engine offsets some of the physical labor required to till your garden.

Should you buy the Powerhorse Mini Cultivator? 

If you choose the Powerhorse Mini Cultivator as your garden tiller, be aware that you have two model options. One model features an electric start and the other has a manual one. The difference between the two comes down to pushing a button or pulling a starting cord. Both are fine options – it's just a matter of personal preference.

Picking the garden tiller that's right for you is important. The Powerhorse Mini Cultivator is good choice for many gardeners. If you value mobility and don't mind mixing fuel, this powerful machine may be the cultivator you're looking for.

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