Southland SCV43 Cultivator Review

The Southland SCV43 Cultivator is a gas-powered garden tiller that makes easy work of tilling your garden.

Southland SCV43 Cultivator Review
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Because it's a cultivator, the Southland SCV43 won't go as deep as some tillers, but it does boast a powerful gas engine and rear wheels for added maneuverability.


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    Rear wheels make it easy to maneuver

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    Great for smaller yards and maintaining gardens

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    Gas-powered and cordless


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    Assembly is fiddly

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The Southland SCV43 Cultivator has a lot going for it. It's a gas-powered garden tiller that allows you to prep your soil for planting season. Its powerful direct-gear drive and crankshaft engine make easy work of tilling ground. It is heavier than most of the products on our lineup of the best tillers, and doesn't cut as deep as other models, but it's still an invaluable tool for creating and maintaining small to medium-sized gardens.

Southland SCV43: Assembly

All of the tillers featured on our buying guide lineup require some assembly. However, assembling this model is more complicated than others. Although it comes mostly assembled, you will have to build the handlebars and shaft and attach them to the drive module. 

You'll also have to attach the cutting tines to the tine shaft. None of this is too complicated; all you have to do is follow the instructions and it can all be done by hand. You should expect to spend about 30 minutes assembling the tiller.

Southland SCV43: Features

Southland tiller

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At 41 pounds, this gas-powered tiller is one of the heaviest units on our lineup, but its weight is offset by its powerful direct-gear, crankshaft engine. You start this machine much the same way you do a lawn mower: Simply pull the starting cord and the tines should start turning immediately. When you add in the 7-inch rear wheels for extra maneuverability, you shouldn't have any problem pushing this tiller through your garden.

This garden tiller turns dirt up to 5 inches deep, which helps water reach the roots of your plants and makes adding fertilizer and other additives easier. This is satisfactory for most small or medium-sized gardens, but other products on our lineup can till dirt up to 8 inches deep.

Because it's got a two-cycle gas engine, you'll need to mix gas and oil to fuel this cultivator. That makes it less clean and convenient than four-cycle options such as the Craftsman C410, but two-cycle tillers are less expensive as standard because of this. 

One of the unique features with this garden cultivator is its front carrying handle, which makes the machine more portable. It also features a folding handle that you can collapse for easier storage. These two features make this tiller easier to transport and store when you're not using it.

Should you buy the Southland SCV43? 

If you're looking for a gas-powered cultivator to prepare your garden for planting season, the Southland SCV43 is a good choice. It may not cut as deep as some other models, but it has a powerful engine, is quite maneuverable, and can be easily transported and stored.

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