6 tips to prepare your electric lawn mower for Spring

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Spring is almost here which means warm weather, cold drinks, and growing grass. It’s the time of year when many folks are eager to get back out into the yard and give it a good cut. But even the best electric lawn mowers need some tuning and preparation so they can start mowing the lawn in Spring.

There are many reasons to switch to an electric lawn mower from a gas lawn mower, with lower maintenance costs being a prime reason. Yet while electric lawn mowers may not need as much maintenance, they do still need some looking after to keep them working as long as possible.

Just as it’s important to properly store your lawn mower for winter, giving it a proper wake up in the spring will make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently all summer long. Here are some tips for properly readying your lawn mower.

What you'll need to prepare your electric lawn mower for spring

Now that you have everything you need to prepare your lawn mower for spring, and its first mow of the year, follow our six steps below to making your mower good-as-new.

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1. Clean the deck

The ‘deck’ is basically the bottom of the mower that houses the blades. The first thing you’ll want to do before firing up your mower is to check and make sure the deck is clear of leftover grass clippings and any other debris. Even in storage, it could have accumulated dirt, dust, and no doubt a few bugs. You can simply spray it down with the water hose or grab your best pressure-washer for anything still hanging on. For anything particularly stubborn, a gentle scrub with a wire brush and sponge should take it right off.

And don’t forget to check the mulch door on the side of the deck. This is a common place for grass and dirt to accumulate.

2. Check the blades

One the deck is clean, check the blades themselves. Make sure there’s no grass or dust, and look for any rust as well. You’ll also want to make sure the blades are sharp. Dull blades not only make give an uneven cut, it might take you much longer to mow.

Make sure you're wearing a pair of gloves when checking, like this pair of leather palm work gloves from Amazon for $22.90.

If you feel comfortable to sharpen lawn mower blades yourself, go for it. Most user manuals will have instructions on sharpening the blades, or you can always take them to a local store to get them professionally sharpened. In some cases, the manufacturers will recommend or even require them to be sharpened by a trained professional. In the end, you can always replace the blades if need.

3. Assess the hardware

After checking the blades, it’s a good idea to give the entire mower a good once-over. Basically you want to look for any screws or bolts that might be loose to make sure nothing falls off while you’re mowing. This is especially true if you have a corded lawn mower as sometimes the cord connection can come loose.

4. Look at those wheels

While you’re inspecting the mower, don’t forget about the wheels. Make sure they turn smoothly and haven’t been damaged while in storage. This not only makes mowing more pleasant and efficient, it can also keep you safe, particularly if you have a riding lawn mower.

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5. Check and charge the batteries

For battery-powered lawn mowers, checking the batteries is critical. The batteries should have been stored in a box in a cool, dry space during the winter so you’ll need to dig them out and inspect them. You want to make sure there’s no rust or dirt on any of the connectors, both on the batteries themselves and on the mower, then you’re good to give them a full charge. Make sure you do this early enough before you start mowing so the batteries can get a full charge before use.

6. Read the instruction manual

Lastly, be sure to check over the owner’s manual one more time in case there’s anything you missed. Some mowers may have more specific things or recommendations from the manufacturer that you won’t want to miss before you start mowing. The maintenance steps we’ve mentioned will apply broadly to nearly every electric mower, but it’s a good idea to make sure nothing was overlooked.

Once you’ve followed these steps and properly prepared your electric lawn mower, you’ll be ready to head out for the first cut of the season. And if you decide to upgrade your mower this spring, check out the lawn mower deals on offer to try bag one on discount.

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