TORO 51831T Electric edger review

The TORO 51831T is an electric edger that doesn’t compromise on power, with a substantial battery life and brushless motor for an improved performance.

TORO 51831T
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The TORO 51831T aims to pack in power and extend run time with its design, which has both an adjustable speed trigger and selector in order to get your garden looking pristine.


  • +

    Variable speed trigger for more power

  • +

    Cordless for more convenience


  • -

    Batteries and charger sold separately

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The TORO 51831T electric edger aims to be ultra-powerful despite its battery-powered nature, with a brushless motor and power jet technology to tackle even the longest grass. That means that you can have a greener, more sustainable garden tool without needing to lose out when it comes to power. Plus, you won’t have to pay for extra fuel in the long run.

There’s also an added element of control built into the TORO 51831T’s speed trigger, which allows you to use that extra power whenever you need it. Many of the best lawn edgers are designed for trimming and defining boundary lines, with this model going the extra mile with its comfort grip handle in order to prevent vibrations so that you can get a cleaner finish. 

TORO 51831T Electric edger: Features  

As with the EGO Power+ MEO800, the standout feature of the TORO 51831T is that it’s battery-powered and cordless, meaning that you can take it as far into your garden as you need. And you won’t need to worry about whether the cord will stretch to any faraway flowerbeds, or bothering your neighbors with loud noise like you might with a gas-powered alternative. 

Unfortunately, the TORO 51831T’s excellent cordless performance is dampened by the fact that the charger and batteries for this model have to be brought separately, so the initial cost price is higher than it may first seem. Obviously, you’ll need both in order for your edger to work, so make sure to factor those into your purchase. Overall, the run-time on this model is up to 60 minutes, which should be plenty of time to manage an average-sized garden. 

Aside from the charging add-ons, there’s a lot to like about the TORO 51831T, including the in-built PowerJet technology system which can be used to adjust the exact cutting length needed, so you can switch between longer and shorter grass patches in your garden with ease. The cutting depth ranges from “13” or 15”, making this a versatile tool for trimming.

In terms of controls, there’s both a variable speed trigger, for getting more hands-on with the job at hand, alongside a speed selector which alternates between high and low modes, depending on what sort of conditions you’re in. It’s also got a durable cast-aluminum head for durability and a handle that is easy to hold so that there’s less vibration in order to give a cleaner cut. And finally, the warranty for the TORO 51831T is three years, across the tool itself and the battery, meaning that you’ll be investing in a garden tool you can rely on.

TORO 51831T

(Image credit: TORO)

TORO 51831T Electric edger: User reviews 

The TORO 51831T Electric edger has a 4.7 rating out of five on Home Depot, which is a score that’s been collected from over 397 reviews. 93% of users said they would recommend this product, which means that it’s popular with those who know it best. 

Impressed reviewers commented on the ease of assembling this tool, as well as the practical design. One reviewer said “The trimmer is well balanced to hold, meets all my needs and after about 20-25 minutes of trimming my yard was complete and I still had two bars left on the battery”. Another said they were a fan because “there is virtually no maintenance”, adding that they enjoyed using the variable speed to slow things down and safely cut around their flowerbeds. 

Reviewers who were less taken with the TORO 51831T mentioned that the protection guard could be improved upon. One comment said “The guard on the machine is a bit on the small side”, meaning that excess grass flew out when it had been trimmed. The user manual does state that suitable clothing must be worn, including long pants, so be sure to take extra precautions when operating. 

Should you buy the TORO 51831T Electric edger? 

The TORO 51831T Electric edger is an excellent choice if you want the benefits of a battery powered model and don’t want to make sacrifices when it comes to power. From user reviews it’s clear to see that this electric model easily competes with it’s gas and corded counterparts, and can be taken further afield and cost less to run. The main drawback is that the battery and charger of this edger are sold separately, which bumps up the initial cost price, but its three-year warranty does soften the blow slightly, and make it a better investment. 

If you would prefer a corded model to save on charging, then check out our review of the WORX WG896 edger.

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