Vornado Tower 184 circulator tower fan review

The Vornado Tower 184 is one of the best tower fans to give you a constant breeze in a midsize or large room.

Vornado Tower 184 circulator tower fan review
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The Vornado Tower 184 stands out from the tower fan crowd with a circulator instead of an oscillator, which keeps a consistent flow of cool air circulating around the room.


  • +

    Constant and even airflow

  • +

    Reasonable price

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    Awesome warranty


  • -

    The fan can be loud at high speeds

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The Vornado Tower 184 stands out from the tower fan crowd with a circulator instead of an oscillator. This innovation curves the air being expelled at a wide angle across an entire room at once, instead of hitting you with a brief wave of air as oscillating tower fans do. You won’t feel as much airflow up close as with most other tower fans, but the air circulation in the room is better overall. It also boasts a sleek design and a generous five-year warranty.

Vornado Tower 184 circulator tower fan: Main features

The Vornado Tower 184 has four speeds to choose from, helping you find the right airflow you need to keep your room cool. Because it does not offer the oscillation feature found in most tower fans, like the Dyson AM07, you need to find the right placement in the room to take full advantage of the proprietary circulator.

With its unique design it performed inconsistently in our tests. Up close it only ruffled one section of the streamers, but that’s because the fan is designed to circulate through an entire room, not necessarily right by the fan. From across the room, this fan performed among the best. We got substantial airflow as far as 20 feet from the fan.

The Vornado has a remote control that sticks magnetically in a little bowl-shaped dip at the top of the fan. This is a convenient feature to help you keep track of an easily misplaced accessory. You can also set an automatic shut-off timer for one, two, four or eight hours so there is no wasted energy when you are asleep or not around. However, you cannot set it for five, six or seven hours, which is odd.

This tower fan operates almost silently on the lower settings, but it can become quite noisy on the highest setting because of the amount of air it is moving. Because this fan doesn’t move like a regular oscillating fan, the unit does not wobble or require you to rearrange your furniture to accommodate a swiveling head.

When the fan gets dirty as you use it, you have to use your vacuum to clean out the front and rear grille vents, as there are no removable air filters or user-serviceable parts on this tower fan. Keeping it at least 6 inches away from walls or other surfaces helps ensure the fan has enough air intake to push it through and circulate it through your room.

Vornado Tower 184 circulator tower fan: Warranty

Vornado has some of the best customer support options of any fan we tested, with email, phone and live chat support. The service representatives are responsive and friendly. You can also access user manuals on the product pages and see answers to common questions on the Vornado FAQs page. This fan comes with a generous five-year warranty, which is much longer than the standard one-year warranty. This is good news for owners who like to run the fan often or who encounter problems with the unit.

Should you buy the Vornado Tower 184 circulator tower fan?

With its proprietary circulator fan system, high functionality, sleek design and stunning five-year warranty, the Vornado Tower 184 is one of the best tower fans for cooling average-sized and large rooms. Though it is a loud fan at high speeds in exchange for better air movement, this Vornado fan is great for keeping your home or office cool.

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