Dyson AM07 tower fan review

The Dyson AM07 combines improved airflow with the safety of bladeless fan technology to keep you cool and comfortable.

Dyson AM07 tower fan review
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Although this bladeless fan costs considerably more than other tower fans, its unique, safe design and powerful airflow make it one of the best tower fans available.


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    Its bladeless design makes it the safest fan available

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    Easy to clean


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    You have to aim the remote directly at the base for it to work properly

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The Dyson AM07 combines improved airflow with the safety of bladeless fan technology to keep you cool and comfortable. It’s one of the most feature-rich fan in our lineup of the best tower fans in our lineup. If you have funds to splurge, this is a great fan, but given the other valid choices at more economical prices, it might be hard to justify the cost. The equally expensive Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan (TP04) doubles up as an air purifier to justify its high price point. 

Dyson AM07 tower fan: Features

Using a fan should be a simple, straightforward experience. The average tower fan, like the Seville Classics UltraSlimline, features just five buttons. This Dyson fan has advanced and refined settings that let you to adjust to 10 different speeds. This allows you to find the perfect speed for any room in your house.

The tower fan includes a remote control with a convenient magnetic-storage feature. You simply place the remote on top of the fan and it stays put with a magnetic grip – a handy feature since remotes tend to disappear. When using the remote, however, you need a clear line of sight to the base of the fan to get the remote to recognize its signals. It was often a challenge getting it to work consistently during testing.

You can also set a timer to automatically shut off the fan at 15, 30 or 45 minutes or hourly increments up to nine hours in advance. This makes it one of the most customizable timers in the fans we tested. The timer function is a great way to save power, and it saves you the trouble of waking up to turn off the fan at night when the temperature finally drops.

One of the best features of this fan is that there is no danger of someone sticking a finger into it and being injured. Safety is not the only benefit of a bladeless tower fan. Unscrewing a grill on a dirty fan and vacuuming or wiping down the blades is a tedious and dirty job. With the Dyson AM07, a quick swipe along the exposed surface with a cloth or a duster is all you need.

Dyson AM07 tower fan: Design

This tower fan, while not completely silent, runs up to 60 percent quieter than other Dyson AM tower fans. At its highest setting we measured it at 61 dB. The machine can move up to 1,271 cfm (cubic feet of air per minute) at maximum speed. This is more than double the average cfm of most tower fans.

While the AM07 oscillates left and right at a 90-degree angle, it does lack the ability to tilt. This limits where you can aim the airflow. To tilt the machine, you would have to place an object beneath the base, making the unit unstable. Fortunately, this fan is easy to reposition, as it weighs a light 6.3 pounds, and the long 6.5-foot cord enables you to place the fan close to where you need cooled.

Dyson AM07 tower fan: Help & Support

If you have any problems with this Dyson tower fan, you can contact the customer service department by phone or email. There is no option to contact support by live chat. An owner's manual is included with the fan, and you can download a digital copy from the Dyson support site if you happen to lose it. Dyson offers a two-year warranty with its Air Multiplier tower fans, which includes parts and labor. This warranty is longer than the average offered by most manufacturers, which is typically one year. However, the warranty for the Vornado Tower 184 is more impressive. 

Should you buy the Dyson AM07 tower fan?

The Dyson Air Multipliers are great tower fans with an innovative design. The Dyson AM07 is one of the best room fans available, even if its price tag is higher than most. The simple, modern profile looks great in any room, and the bladeless design helps move the air around effectively while being safe and easy to maintain. The quality and efficiency of this tower fan are hard to beat, but it’s considerably pricier than the other fans we tested.

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