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Ryder aims to fulfill more specialist truck rental needs.

Ryder review
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With just two standard truck options, and no one-way moves, Ryder probably shouldn't be a truck rental first choice for the run-of-the-mill house move. However, if you're searching the rental market to solve your rather more specific moving needs, its specialty trucks might just fit the bill.


  • +

    Rents stake and refrigerated trucks

  • +

    Commitment to environmental responsibility


  • -

    Lack of standard truck choice

  • -

    No support for everyday home moves

  • -

    One-way moves only

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Ryder has been in the transportation business since 1934 and could find itself in our rundown of the best truck rental for moving companies on the strength of its heritage alone. However, Ryder offers so much more than just experience, including hires from more than 500 locations across the US. There's an acknowledgement to sustainability too, with Ryder conscious of its responsibility to the environment, particularly in relation to fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. Ryder can offer trucks for more specialist moving jobs that other rental truck firms can't meet. If you're about to move home, remember to arrange the best home owners insurance for your new property as well. 

Ryders review: Truck options

Ryders offers two standard moving trucks for rent - one is 16 feet long and the other 26 feet, so there are fewer of the more traditional truck rental options available here than with other companies. Each comes with a hydraulic lift gate or walk ramp to aid loading, with flat floors for ease of box stacking. There's a sprinter van that you can hire for smaller moving requirements too.

However, what Ryder offers that others don't is the specialty truck options that some customers might just need. In particular, Ryder offers stake truck rental, perfect for transporting landscaping materials or large garden items that perhaps don't need the protection of a traditional rental truck.

And secondly, the company offers refrigerated truck rentals, should you be in a business where temperature-sensitive shipment is required. Importantly, both options are only available to business customers, but may prove of use if you're shifting company operations. 

Ryder review: Other rental options

Ryder doesn’t offer the plethora of additional equipment and services normally found at other truck rental companies. Only a small number of its locations rent hand trucks and furniture pads, while Ryder doesn’t rent car carriers or dollies either. The trucks also don’t have towing packages, so even if you have your own trailer or dolly, a Ryder box truck won’t tow it. There's no loading and unloading assistance available either - really, Ryder is for the professional who needs to move something special, and so will be best equipped to make the move for themselves. 

Ryder review

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Ryder review: Price

You can reserve a moving truck from Ryder by calling a local office, or through a form on Ryder's website. If you have questions about rates or policies, talk to a customer support representative via live chat on the website. However, Ryder does not rent trucks in 24-hour periods, so if you pick up a truck at noon on a Monday and return it at noon the next day, you're still charged for two full days. This policy can make Ryder one of the most expensive truck rental options if you're not careful with your timings. That said, promotional discounts are available on its website, including 25% off your next Ryder rental. 

Ryder review: Service

Ryder is a truck rental company that is available nationwide and in Canada, and has more than 500 locations. However, you are required to return a rental truck to the same location from where you picked it up. The website is clear in its intentions as being a more specialist truck rental service, and explains all of the options that it offers upfront. Trucks can be reserved direct from the website or by calling. 

Should you use Ryder?

Ryder is the truck rental option you might turn to if you need a more specialized truck. While traditional moving trucks are available, the choice comes down to just two, or a sprinter van, so you might need to look elsewhere. The absence of one-way moves isn't ideal for home moves either, and there's unlikely to be any moving supplies to help you on your way, given most locations don’t offer boxes, furniture pads or hand trucks.

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