I'm a skincare hoarder – so I tried 6 under the sink bathroom organization ideas

Under the sink bathroom drawer showing products nicely organized in boxes.
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I'm the first to admit that I'm a skincare addict, so I knew I needed to find some stellar under the sink bathroom organization ideas stat. A disorganized bathroom is one of the quickest ways for you to feel like life is spiralling out of control, and not to mention it's also pretty unsanitary. A bathroom is where you go to keep clean, so it doesn't make sense for it to be a room that is haboring any germs. 

My under sink bathroom drawer was doing just that. It was essentially a catchall for anything from microfiber cloths and spare toothbrushes to my favorite serums. It was hard to find what I needed (especially with soap in my eyes) and the mess also meant that it was never actually cleaned.  

I knew it was time to step into gear, and with some gentle encouragement from my flatmates to clean up my act, I decided to seek guidance from organization professionals at The Spark Joy Collective. I needed to implement a bathroom storage system that would actually be sustainable, so I asked the experts to talk me through the top tips for sorting the daunting under the sink drawer. 

I wasn't surprised to find that I was doing it wrong all along, and that the tips were very simple to introduce. So, I've decided to share them so that you too can try out the best under the sink bathroom organization ideas. If you're eager to spruce up more than just your drawer, these cleaning hacks for the bathroom will leave it sparkling.

Bathroom under sink drawer orgnization idea with skincare products

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The before shot of my under the sink bathroom drawer is something to be ashamed of. It was a dumping ground of random skincare products, empty bottles of mouthwash, random cleaning items and old cardboard boxes. In short, most of it was junk. The only saving grace was that my flatmate and I had vaguely organized our belongings into separate sides of the drawer, which was a system I wanted to continue. 

My main goals for organizing this drawer were to throw away any old, empty products, sort items into specific boxes, and make it easy to keep clean. I wanted cleaning the inside of my drawers to become part of my bathroom cleaning routine, and without any organization system this just wasn't achievable. 

Top under the sink bathroom organization ideas

I spoke to Mimi Bogelund, Organization Expert at The Organised Home and Life & The Spark Joy Collective, to truly learn from the professionals. She outlined a useful step-by-step routine that I undertook on my own under the sink drawer to get it back in tip top state. I first emptied everything out so that I could begin from the very start, and ensure that I was following Mimi's exact advice. Then, I followed her specific tips for the best under the sink bathroom organization ideas. 

1. Don't go overboard  

The luxury of having bathroom storage in a small city apartment is not something I've ever taken for granted, but this meant I went overboard with hoarding products. It's tempting when you have a big space to fill, but keeping it streamlined is the easiest way to keeping things tidy. 

"Don’t overfill it, particularly if it’s a deep drawer. No amount of organising tricks will stop it becoming messy if you keep more than it can hold to be functional and easy to maintain", says Mimi. 

2. Start from scratch 

Like with any good cleaning or organizing task, emptying out a drawer or cupboard is the best place to start. It can sometimes seem counter productive, but it allows you to truly examine the space you've got. Plus, it can be a useful wake up call to see the amount of stuff you've accumulated.  

Mimi advises to, "empty the drawer completely, spread a towel on the floor and then sort into main categories: skincare, makeup, bath and body care, hair care, hair removal, travel, sun care, medicine."

"Within each section, divide again into what you use daily, weekly, very occasionally and back stock. As you’re sorting, discard what’s out of date, broken, or you just don’t love. Toiletries are often gifted and we end up with stuff we never use - now is the time to pass it on."

3. Time to clean 

This was my favorite step in the routine, partly because it was the most satisfying. So much dirt and grime accumulates in a full drawer, so it was eye opening to give mine a wipe down. I also felt inspired to give my entire bathroom a spruce up and repeat what I discovered when I learnt how to clean a shower curtain, to make it as sanitary as possible.

Mimi recommends to "clean the drawer with a damp cloth and a spray cleaner, you want it fresh and inviting to use."

What the expert says...

Mimi Bogelund, Organization Expert at The Organised Home and Life & The Spark Joy Collective, says, "Use what you have before buying new, like a shoe box if the drawer is deep, and look for straight sided containers to maximise the space. If you decide to get new containers, measure first, especially the depth."

4 . Sort out storage

This was the biggest task in this under the sink drawer reshuffle. My key takeaway from the 'before' shot was that I simply didn't have enough storage in place, so I decided to take a trip around my apartment to see what I could use. I didn't want to buy anything new for this drawer, which is an ethos that Mimi mirrors.

I found two small collapsible crates for my side of my drawer, and my flatmate had a cream storage box that she wasn't getting much use out of, so we decided to put these to good use. While they don't fit the exact dimensions of the drawer, they have just enough room for what we need, so I'm not too concerned about aesthetics.

However, if you do decide to buy new containers, Mimi recommends to "go for clear containers and consider those with lids (if your drawer is deep) so you can stack them. I like clear shoe boxes with lids for sun care, dental and medicine."

5. Rehome your products

As Mimi says, "it's time to move everything back in."

I organized my products into different piles before placing them back into the drawer: my everyday essentials, travel items that don't get used frequently, and items to donate or throw away. I tackled the trash first. There was an embarrassing amount of half empty cardboard boxes and almost-finished toothpaste tubes that were wasting space, so these had to go.

Next, I placed my lesser used items in the box to go at the back of the drawer, as I knew this isn't where I instantly reach. I then placed my everyday items (face wash, moisturizer, toothpaste, serum) into a box at the front of the drawer, so everything is easily accessible, as per Mimi's advice.

6. Make a pledge

Although my under the sink bathroom drawer was now looking significantly less cluttered, and much cleaner, Mimi recommended a more long-term approach.

"Ongoing, think before you bulk buy. This is number one cause of a cluttered overfilled bathroom drawer for my clients. If you do, store back stock elsewhere. A second reason for chaos, is expecting a bathroom drawer to stay tidy forever. Commit to clean it out a few times a year. You’ll thank yourself every day."

So, not only is my task to keep my items contained in their respective homes and to wipe the drawer down regularly, I also need to keep my skincare-hoarding habits in check so that the mess doesn't escalate.


Under the sink bathroom drawer showing products nicely organized in boxes.

(Image credit: Holly Cockburn)

Thanks to Mimi Bogelund's expert under the sink bathroom organization ideas, I was more than thrilled with the outcome. It can feel like a really daunting task, and has been one that I've avoided in the past. Now, with a manageable system in place that is easy to use, and to clean around, I know my bathroom storage will be kept neat, ordered, and hygienic. 

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