Kenmore 58250 review

The Kenmore 58250 is a sturdy, 50-gallon electric water heater with anti-corrosion features to lengthen its life. These features include two anode rods in the water tank, as opposed to the single one in most tanks.

Kenmore 58250 review
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The Kenmore 58250 water heater has a decent capacity and its glass-lined tank prevents rust build-up.


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    Glass lining

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    Safety features


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    Not widely available anymore

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Kenmore 58250 water heater: What you need to know

The Kenmore 58250 is an electric water heater that has a 50-gallon capacity. It's no longer available as widely as it used to be. To find more readily available models, read our guide to the best water heaters

This water heater features two anode rods in the water tank, as opposed to the single one most tanks have. These "sacrificial" metal rods undergo a chemical process that causes them to rust faster rather than the metal that is part of your water heater tank.

This model has a glass lining that resists corrosion, but the tank, like all hot water heater tanks, is made of metal and will be exposed to water. 

Kenmore 58250 water heater: Features 

The Kenmore 58250 has anode rods that undergo electrolysis and draw rust-causing materials in the water to them, and they slowly deteriorate, leaving the tank in better shape. With two anode rods in the Kenmore 58250, you get extra protection against tank corrosion. The cold water inlet mixes the water around at the bottom of the tank, which reduces sediment and gives you the benefit of a self-cleaning appliance.

In addition, this hot water heater includes safety features to keep your family from accidentally getting burned by excessively hot water. The heater turn itself off automatically if the water temperature goes beyond 180 F. The temperature limit switch simply turns off the electrical power. You can easily restore power by hitting the reset button on the water heater's thermostat.

The water in the tank is heated by two 5,500-watt, 240-volt heating elements. Kenmore advises keeping the water temperature at 120 F, not only to keep your electric bills lower but also to avoid the risk of scalding anyone. You can set it higher, but a chart in the owner's manual offers some unnerving statistics about what water temperature levels after a certain time cause different types of burns. When you go on a trip, you can lower the temperature even more to vacation mode, which is still hot enough to avoid any problems with the tank freezing. You can restore the standard temperature once you get home.

You get an optional remote access capability if you choose to buy the Kenmore Assurelink Wi-Fi Module and Assurelink Gateway. Then you can check on and control your water heater from anywhere using a smartphone, computer or tablet.

The Kenmore 58250 is a tall model, standing 60.5 inches high with a diameter of 22 inches, so bear this in mind when you're planning where to keep it. The water tank's heat conservation is enhanced with a 3-inch layer of environmentally friendly foam insulation.

Should you buy the Kenmore 58250 water heater?

The Kenmore 58250 water heater isn't as widely available anymore so it may be more challenging to get hold of. However, if you are looking for a large capacity water heater that has anode rods, the Kenmore 58250 water heater is a solid choice and the option to control this heater via your phone is a real bonus. 

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