What are washing machine pedestals, and should you buy one?

What are washing machine pedestals, and should you buy one?
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If you’re in the market for a new washing machine or dryer, you’ve probably seen the term pedestal floating around, but what is a pedestal, and do you need one in your home? The short answer is no. Pedestals are not a necessary add-on when buying a washer, but they can be extremely useful in making your machine more accessible. 

Pedestals usually take the form of a metal platform upon which you can rest one of the best washing machines. They can increase the height of your machine from 12 inches up to 16 inches, and therefore, bring the part where you insert your laundry closer to you. This is helpful as it prevents you from having to bend down in order to set off a wash or dry cycle and keeps you from straining your back.

Clearly, there’s an additional level of convenience with the simple addition of a pedestal, and they are excellent for those with accessibility issues who can’t reach the usual height. There’s also a range of more high-end pedestals that can be used to maximize storage space or even add extra washing space. They are relatively inexpensive, too, and you might just find their convenience to be well worth the extra cash.

When to use a laundry pedestal

Laundry pedestals really come into their own when used on the best front-load washers. There are many reasons to choose a front load washer, but the front of a washing machine is often less accessible without leaning over, which is definitely a drawback when compared to top-load alternatives. For those who already have a top-load washing machine (or who have their heart set on a new one, but want a bit of extra height) a laundry pedestal can solve this issue.

What are washing machine pedestals, and should you buy one?

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Even if you do have a front-load washer, that doesn’t mean you need a pedestal. You should not buy a pedestal if you plan on stacking your washer with a dryer because it will make the top machine less accessible and could even be a hazard due to the unexpected extra weight. Many of the best dryers are designed for side-by-side use, though, and for this, you can buy matching pedestals to complete the look of your laundry pair. 

Laundry pedestals are not suitable for every type of washer. For example, the best top-load washing machines are designed to make your clean laundry more accessible. Because you access your washing through the top of the machine, there is a lot less kneeling and bending involved, and adding a few extra inches in height to your top loader may actually make the process a little more difficult. The same goes for top-loading dryers, which make accessing your dry laundry easy enough without any extra height. 

What are smart pedestals? 

Pedestals typically cost at least $100, which may seem like a lot to pay for a piece of metal. However, most manufacturers now include a pull-out drawer in the design of laundry pedestals, which can add storage space for detergent or other laundry must-haves. The smartest pedestals you can buy now offer the added function of an extra square foot mini washer. The first of this kind, the LG SideKick, is a compact pedestal washer that fits under many LG washing machines and adds some extra washing space for small loads and midweek emergency washes. Although it sounds space-age, the SideKick is frequently available on sale and can actually be a similar price to many more basic pedestals.  

So, are laundry pedestals worth it? 

As we previously mentioned, you’re most likely to benefit from a pedestal if you are opting for a front-load washing machine, as it brings the operational part of your appliance closer to you, including the controls. Then there’s the fact that pedestals are only really applicable to anyone with a side-by-side laundry setup, as there’s already plenty of height that comes along with stacking your appliances. 

But the central question remains: are pedestals worth the money? If you’re a person who struggles with accessibility due to a disability or you need to minimize straining your back when doing the laundry, opting for a pedestal will be a definite benefit to your household. Even if this isn’t the case, then pedestals tend to be inexpensive and easy to bolt on to the purchase of your new appliance as you checkout. That means that the bottom line is: if they’ll make the everyday task of laundry go a little bit smoother, then why not?

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