When is the best time to buy a vacuum?

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When it’s time to buy a new vacuum, the cost can be a bit unexpected. Whether upgrading your current vac or wanting to get a Shark, Dyson, or Miele model you’ve had your eye on, vacuum cleaners aren't a cheap purchase. So, when is the best time to buy a vacuum cleaner?

That’s why knowing the best time to buy can help. There are shopping events, spring sales, and annual offers. Time it right, and you just might be able to bag yourself a bargain. And like other investment items for your home, researching and planning before you buy can ensure you get the best deal.

To help, we’ve spoken to the experts and reviewed some of the best vacuum cleaners, so you know what to shop when. Find a breakdown of the best times to buy a vacuum below and our top tips on securing your next big buy. 

Best times to buy a vacuum

Fortunately, big discounts are available on more than one occasion throughout the year, so you can find a time to buy that suits your cash flow. Although multiple opportunities exist to score a bargain, purchasing quickly can still be easy - especially if your machine is broken. We always advise planning as much as possible so you're not forced to make a hefty purchase outside a sales period - luckily, with regular sales intervals, this is achievable. 

1. Spring

As people look to take on their annual Spring clean, vacuum sales heighten from March until May. Many retailers use this spike to run sales across vacuums and other cleaning essentials.

What the expert says...

Laurie Bilson, Floorcare Expert at Miele, says, "Some of the best times of year to purchase your next vacuum cleaner are after Christmas in January, around Springtime in May, and around November - for the Black Friday sale. Whether it’s a versatile cordless vacuum stick, smart robot vacuum, or a more compact cylinder design, you can expect great savings.”  

"New vacuums are typically released in Spring, also," says Geoff, Sales Director of Roidmi, meaning last season's models must go. While these won’t be new models on sale, you’ll be able to find high-end options at reasonable price points.  

It's also a great time of year to invest, as it's ahead of the summer months, where spare cash tends to go towards holidays. If your machine is on the brink, it's a smart time to spend the money before the sociable summer begins. 

2. Sales events

Geoff Johnson, Sales Director of Roidmi, says, "Discounting events such as Black Friday, Prime Day, and January sales are often the best time to pick up a discounted bargain, with the best deals on older or end-of-line models. A bargain is always good, but if new must-have floorcare features are around the corner, you may be best waiting for new models, which often launch in spring – in time for spring cleaning season.” 

Oftentimes, prices will increase right before a sales event to make a discount appear larger, or there won't be any promotions. So it's worth waiting it out until the events properly start. Unless you desperately need replacement, it’s worth waiting to buy during peak times. 

Vacuum buying tips

Aside from shopping at certain times, there are a few things to consider before spending: 

1. Think about the type of vacuum you need: The model you choose should suit the floors you need to clean, but the features of each type will affect the price. For example, robot vacuums will typically be more expensive.

2. Invest in a vacuum built to last: The more durable your vacuum, the less likely it will need replacing. Our advice is (ideally to wait for a sale) then invest in a quality vacuum you can rely on. 

3. What’s the warranty? Most manufacturers have a set warranty, usually between one to five years.  The longer the warranty, the more cost-effective your purchase will be.

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