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TotalLegal Review

TotalLegal is the online will maker that asks all the right questions of you.

TotalLegal review
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Our Verdict

TotalLegal is relatively straightforward to use and entirely capable of creating an in-depth and legal last will and testament. Where it might disappoint is if you need some extra support from the company during the process.


  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Section related FAQs to guide


  • Few support options
  • Website looks a little dated

TotalLegal provides an estate-planning software solution aimed at helping people create their legal last will and testament. Using an interview format and detailed step-by-step instructions, TotalLegal follows the path of the best online will makers by asking detailed questions about caring for the loved ones you would leave behind. You can also specify final arrangements for your remains and a schedule of assets as either part of your will, as separate documents or both. Depending on the plan you choose, TotalLegal can provide the option to create a living will and a Power of Attorney.

TotalLegal Review: What you need to know

TotalLegal offers an easy-to-use will software program that should help simplify what can be a taxing task. Information at the bottom of each section provides clarity over why you are being asked certain questions and the importance of providing considered answers. 

There are also a number of tools to help you along the way, including definitions of legal terms and FAQs that appear in the sidebar that are relevant to the section you are currently working through. There is a spellcheck to help ensure accuracy too. 

On the downside, the support options are perhaps lacking if you're looking for the best online will maker. A phone number and email address are provided, but there's no live chat or lawyer directory to consult. 

Should you use TotalLegal?

TotalLegal is a decent online will software solution that provides in-depth information as you proceed through the program you buy. All the questions you would expect in relation to schedule of assets and funeral arrangements are asked, but it seems something might be lacking if you need to ask for support from TotalLegal itself. 

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