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The Aquverse 3H Commercial Grade Bottled Water Cooler is a highly durable unit that manages to maintain a sleek appearance. The unit comes in white, which is compatible with nearly every decorating scheme. The water dispenser is a slender unit capable of fitting in nearly any home or office, even those with minimal space available.

This water dispenser is on the quieter end of the water cooler noise spectrum. By using noise reduction technology, it keeps the humming to a minimum. The hot and cold tanks are made of high-volume stainless steel, which is sealed up with patented leak guards to prevent overflow. The metal encasing that makes up the outer part of the unit is made of rugged metal. The corrosion-resistant polyethylene shell keeps the rust away, and a steel frame supports the entire unit. All these components qualify the water cooler for its commercial-grade status.

The water cooler is built to last a long time. The patented leak protection and stainless steel construction give you some of the benefits of top-level water dispensaries at a more affordable price.

The Aquverse unit is top-mounted, so you need to lift your water bottle on top of the water cooler and allow it to settle upon the stand before you can begin using it. Once the bottle has been installed, you can control water temperatures between 38 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. The drip tray, which is removable, catches any drips, and you can either hand-wash it or place it in the dishwasher. A childproof mechanism is installed on the hot water lever; you have to toggle it into the 'on' position, which keeps your little ones safe from burns.

The biggest appeal of the Aquverse 3H Commercial Grade Bottled Water Cooler is its durability. It's built to handle a lot of wear and tear and last for years. It's also quiet with a slender profile, making it unobtrusive for a water cooler. Aquverse offers a commercial-grade water cooler at a lower price point so that you can have one in your home or small office.

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