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Primo Water Dispenser Review

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The Primo Water Dispenser is a bottom-loading unit designed to take some of the work out of loading your water cooler. With this water dispenser, you can load your water bottle into the bottom of the tank in an upright position. This makes for quick and easy loading, making this a good water cooler for virtually any home or work space.

The water dispenser comes in a sleek, stylish black finish. It can provide both hot and cold water, at temperatures hot enough for a cup of coffee or cold enough to make your teeth chatter. A dual spout provides the water flow, and it's protected by a childproof safety latch. This reduces the likelihood of children accidentally triggering a spill or scalding themselves on the hot water.

Primo Water Dispenser Compare Quotes

This water cooler also features indicator lights to show you when the unit is on, when it's cooling and heating, and at what time you need to replace the bottom-loaded water bottle. It has an energy-saving switch to help you manage your electric bill and help out the environment. The Primo Water Dispenser is both UL and Energy Star rated, and it uses about 25 percent less power than traditional water dispensers. Primo backs its water cooler with the standard one-year warranty.

To load your tank, you just need to open the door and place a 3- to 5-gallon water bottle in the compartment in an upright position. From there, you insert a probe into the bottle, then slide the collar down until it locks. This draws water from the bottle and carry it up to the dispensing faucet. You need to activate the hot and cold switches to receive the desired water temperature. At capacity, the tank holds up to 51 fluid ounces of cold water or 34 fluid ounces of hot water.

The Primo Water Dispenser simplifies the water cooler process. One of the biggest hassles in using a water dispenser is switching the water bottle, which is heavy and awkward. Primo gets rid of this by providing a different engineering structure, and it does so in a way that looks sharp and durable.

Primo Water Dispenser Compare Quotes