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ZeroWater 23 Cup Dispenser Compare Quotes

Instead of using a separate 2- to 5-gallon water source, the ZeroWater 23-Cup Dispenser is an independent refrigerator filter, which you can fill with your tap water and use to receive pure, sanitary drinking water. It's the largest refrigerator water filter available on the market today, and the space-saving design allows you to fit it in places a full-size dispenser couldn't.

The water dispenser uses five stages to filter its water. The patented formula uses dual-ion exchange filtration, which effectively removes the dissolved solids within the water, regardless of the source. Water can collect dissolved solids from virtually anywhere, particular when it's been drawn from public water systems, because the water can leach materials from the pipes or pick up bacteria while moving from source to faucet. Aluminum, nitrate, zinc and lead are only a few of the metals that might be floating in your water, and ZeroWater works to get rid of anything that might be tainting what you're drinking.

As the name states, the filter can hold up to 23 cups of water. A Total Dissolved Solids meter is included on the unit, which should read "000" after going through the filtration process. The meter is used to make sure your drinking water meets FDA standards for purity, and ZeroWater claims that it's the only filter in its class that meets the FDA definition for TDS in purified bottled water.

An easily accessible fill portal makes refilling your ZeroWater dispenser simple, so you can make sure you have a continuous supply of pure drinking water. Rather than you having to purchase refill bottles, the ZeroWater dispenser only needs your tap.

The ZeroWater 23-Cup Dispenser is good for an individual or small family looking for an affordable alternative to drinking impure tap water. It is much larger than your typical water filter pitcher, and the five-stage filtration process goes to great lengths to rid your water of harmful dissolved solids. As a result, you can expect to drink filtered water that's comparable to bottled water.