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Merchant One Review

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PROS / PCI compliance is included in your monthly fee.

CONS / This processor charges an early termination fee if you cancel your account before your contract expires.

 VERDICT / Merchant One's tiered rates are good, but it charges an annual fee and requires you to sign a lengthy contract.

Merchant One is a credit card processor based in Miami Beach, Florida, that serves more than 100,000 merchant accounts. This processor offers both interchange-plus and tiered pricing options, but it requires a long-term contract with a hefty early termination fee.

Merchant One Compare Quotes

Our testers were quoted both interchange-plus and tiered rates when we spoke to Merchant One representatives. Although the reps we spoke with noted that interchange-plus pricing isn’t initially available for businesses with no processing history, they quoted rates ranging from 0.15% to 0.25%, which are lower than the 0.30% average of the processors we reviewed. The interchange-plus per-transaction fee of $0.10 per transaction fee is average.

Merchant One’s tiered rates are also lower than average, and the qualified debit card rate of 0.29% is one of the lowest tiered rates we saw. The rate quotes you receive when you call may differ from those our testers obtained, depending on your business's average ticket size and the dollar amount of transactions that you process each month.

Merchant One charges typical credit card processing fees. It charges a $6.50 monthly fee that covers statements, customer service, next day funding and PCI compliance. It has a $25 monthly minimum that is derived from your transaction costs. Merchant One is one of the few processors that charges an annual fee in addition to the monthly fee. The annual fee is a $99 charge that covers account maintenance and interchange-compliance adjustment.

Transparency and consistency are factors we looked for as we evaluated the processors we reviewed. We value processors that are upfront with their terms, fees and pricing and that post that information on their websites. Merchant One doesn't post any of this information on its website and lacks consistency, as different testers received different quotes and were given different reasons why the industry-preferred interchange-plus pricing option wouldn't be a good fit for them.

Merchant One is one of few processors that requires a long-term contract. If you sign up to process with Merchant One, be aware that the contract is for three years and carries an early termination penalty.

This processor has decent customer service. The reps we spoke with were courteous, provided rate estimates and were knowledgeable about the industry. However, they were not as quick to follow up with our testers by phone or email as other processors we reviewed.


Merchant One offers good tiered pricing, especially if you process a lot of regular debit cards. However, it suffers from a lack of transparency as none of its pricing, fees or service terms are posted on its website. It's one of the few processors that requires a long-term contract and charges an annual fee.

Merchant One Compare Quotes