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Make Your Windows 10 Computer Work Like New Again [4 Simple Steps]

We’ve all been there. You’ve accidentally installed a load of freeware with other software. Perhaps you’ve downloaded oodles of “exciting” games, only to find they came w

A History of Cloud Computing: From 1950 to Today

Not all computer users fully grasp the concept of cloud computing, even though most benefit from the cloud practically every day. Essentially, the cloud is a central location where data is stored and

How Big is a Petabyte, Exabyte, Zettabyte or a Yottabyte

When you're in the market for a new home computer, there are some specifications you consider more than others. Typically, you look at the processor speed, the amount of memory and the hard drive size

6 Useful Built-In Tools Hidden in Windows

Your computer is more than just the device on which you read email, buy products online or catch up on all your social media feeds – it's a machine that, if it's running a newer version of Windo

Why Are Home Computers a Better Buy Than Laptops?

In recent years, laptops have become cheaper to produce and purchase, and for many, they are the best computer option. Those who favor portability will benefit most. Students can take their laptop com

Windows 7 or Windows 8.1: Choosing the Best Operating System for Your Business

Most business computers use some version of the Windows operating system because it's cheaper to install on multiple machines, which is ideal if your company has 10 or more computers. When you purchas

The Workstation: The Clydesdale of Computers

Every business is different. As such, the computer needs of every business is different. You can't expect an architecture firm that requires AutoCAD software to use the same business computer of a don

Buy vs. Build? Making the Most of Your Next Desktop PC

Perhaps it's my love of science fiction movies, but when I think of building my own desktop PC, my mind flashes to images of lightning streaking across the sky, a giant green monster lying on a metal

5 Must-Haves for All-In-One PCs

All-in-one computers are a hybrid between laptops and traditional stationary PCs. Laptops are useful because you can bring them along on business trips, on vacation and virtually anywhere, while stati

Macro to Micro: The Timeline of Multimedia Computers

It is remarkable to take a look at how far technology has come, especially in the world of computers. The first steps towards building a single computer calculator were taken all the way back in the 1

Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180: Big Thing, Small Package

A hallmark of portable computing today is ever-smaller devices accomplishing greater and greater tasks. Smartphones and tablets have made internet connectivity so ubiquitous that most of us are at a l

3 Ways Media Center Computers Simplify Your Life

If you've thought about purchasing a media center computer, you have almost certainly asked yourself the question, "Why should I buy one of these when I already have multiple other devices that perfor

All-in-One PCs are Nothing New

As wonderfully designed and equipped all-in-one PCs appear on more and more desks, there are those who think of the all-in-one PC design as a radical new departure from the desktop computer paradigm o

Make Your PC an HD Media Powerhouse with HDMI

Today’s computers pack the processing power to produce crystal clear video on large displays and pump high resolution media onto the living room TV. A PC tower still tethered to a seventeen-inch monit

Considerations When Buying a New Desktop

Buying a new media center computer can be a daunting experience, with so many different options and models, it can be difficult to choose which one will suit your needs best. Take your time when decid

Computer Induced Eye Strain and Arm Pain Remedies

Sitting and looking at a monitor all day can result in dry eyes, headaches, a sore neck and back, stiff wrists and many other uncomfortable or painful outcomes. Needless to say, getting away from work

Computer Energy Saving Tips

Computers and monitors have evolved. In the past, screen savers were installed and computers were left on all of the time; however, newer monitors do not suffer from burn-in or permanent etching like

How to Secure Your Computer

Believe it or not, there was a time not so long ago that one’s computer was relatively secure right out of the box. No additional software or hardware was required to protect your data. Certainl

It Could Be Your Graphics Card

You hooked up your new monitor to your multimedia computer and can’t wait to see how your game looks on the new screen, only to see pausing and skips. Before you rush it back to the store for a refund

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