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Razer Reveals "Project Valerie," a Triple-Monitor Gaming Laptop

Razer is renowned for its high-quality and cutting edge accessories for gamers. The company isn’t just about outstanding peripherals any more, though. It also focuses on portable gaming rigs. Th

Acer’s Predator 21X: A Gaming Laptop With a Curved Screen and a $8,999 Price Tag

In the world of electronics and gadgets, not everything a company manufactures is meant to be a viable marketplace product. Much like the fashion world’s artistically fashion-forward (but ultima

ASUS ROG Swift: A Hardcore Display for the 4K Gamer

Contributing writer: Dan Tennant Gaming PC monitors that have 4K resolution, NVIDIA G-Sync or both aren’t particularly rare these days, but add to that eSports-quality refresh rates and suppo

CES Brings a Surge of Affordable Gaming Laptops

One exciting trend we saw at CES 2017 was the surge in gaming laptops priced below the $1,000 mark. In a category dominated by tricked-out gaming rigs that sell for thousands of dollars, the introduct

Razer's Concept Three-Screen Laptop Courts the Awesome and Absurd

Contributing writer: Dan Tennant Razer has developed something of a reputation at CES for using the annual Las Vegas trade show to unveil truly crazy concepts. Even so, what it hauled out at CES 2017

Most Comfortable Chair for Gaming

You go a lot of places when you game: the streets of Gotham, the battlefields of history, the strange landscapes of imaginary worlds. But every time you sink an hour or two into an immersive game, you

How Much RAM Do You Need for Gaming?

When PC specifications talk about memory, they’re referring to Random Access Memory, or RAM. Made up of two to four small memory chips, RAM is a vital component to any PC and gaming PCs especial

5 Hot Ideas for a Video Game Room

So you’ve got your gaming PC and a room to set it up in. What can you do to make it the best video game room ever? There are several ways to go, but the two things to keep in mind when setting u

Learning to Build A Gaming PC

Editor's Note: This article last updated September 15, 2015. There are plenty of ways to get your PC gaming fix, but nothing quite compares to building your own system. There are plenty of reasons to

First-Time Builder: An Introduction to ASUS, MSI and Other Video Card Manufacturers

The world of PC video cards can be quite confusing and intimidating, especially for first-time builders. Not only do Nvidia and AMD have different tiers of video cards, other manufacturers can modify

The Best VoIP Software for Gaming: Mumble vs. TeamSpeak 3

VoIP software allows you to communicate efficiently with groups of people using various input devices, like gaming headsets. Where various VoIP applications differ is in the tools they offer and their

RGB Mechanical Keyboards: The Razer BlackWidow Chroma vs. the Corsair K70 RGB

Until recently, it's been difficult to find mechanical keyboards that give you control over backlighting. In fact, it's been difficult to find mechanical keyboards with any backlighting. In the past y

What Parts Does My Custom Gaming PC Need?

Custom gaming PC manufacturers frequently tout the customization options offered during their checkout process. When setting up your gaming desktop, it's often possible to determine everything from th

Bigger Isn't Always Better: The Benefits of Smaller Gaming PCs

Gaming PCs offer the best potential performance if you want to play the latest PC games on the highest visual quality settings. Compared to game consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, gaming PC

Graphics Card Comparison: Raw Power Isn't Everything - GTX 770 vs R9 280X

Let's take a look at two high-end video cards that are priced in the same range. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 and the AMD Radeon R9 280X are both powerful cards that can easily power games on full setti

How the Vengeance K95 Stacks Up: K95 vs. Ryos MK Pro vs. G710+

Not all gaming keyboards are created equally. In this article, we take a look at some of the best gaming keyboards available and see how they stack up against each other. The Corsair Vengeance K95 has

Gaming Keyboards: The Advantages of a Mechanical Keyboard

Editor’s Note: This article was last updated September 10, 2015. In past decades, mechanical keyboards were king. If you've ever typed on an old keyboard from the '80s or earlier, it likely had mechan

Top 5 Influential Gaming Engines

Undertaken by programmers, writers, engineers and artists over the course of several years, games are painstakingly developed, crafted and designed for your entertainment. To make that process easier,

ROCCAT Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse

To improve your game, the right accessories can make a world of difference. If you’re still using the basic mouse and keyboard set that came with your gaming desktop, it might be time to upgrade. A ga

Gaming & Sound: Evolving Toward a Revolution

It boggles the mind to think how far we’ve come in the world of gaming since the inception of video games. Take, for instance, the early '70s when Pong, with its inane “ping … ping … ping … ping,” was

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