Pros / Dual GTX 580s, Core i7-980X and other high-end hardware will take your gaming experience to new levels.

Cons / The only real downside to this system is the slow email response time.

 Verdict / The Black Pearl includes one of the best video cards, a top-notch processor and more than enough RAM to make any hardcore gamer happy for years to come.

Playing computer games requires more than just the cheapest bargain computer with wimpy hardware components. Those kinds of gaming computers may have attention-capturing specs like Intel i7 processors or Windows 8 OS, but it's everything else that defines what the machine can actually do for your gaming. No-name motherboards and generic RAM are inexpensive – but you end up paying a steep price in performance. Playing games on a system with substandard hardware is like entering the Indy 500 with your mom's old station wagon. People who know gaming PCs know that high-end hardware is what makes high-end gaming computers. The CyberPower PC Black Pearl receives our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award because it's the gaming PC that sets the standard for high-end gaming systems. This machine is full of components with names like Corsair and Gigabyte, both highly rated manufactures in their respective fields. Overall, this machine outdoes the competition without breaking a sweat.


As you can see, this gaming computer is by no means the "$300 super savings special." Quality gaming computers need high-end hardware and unmatched computing speeds and this system gives you all the computing power you could ever want in a gaming machine. With this imaging machine, you can confidently set sail on the vast ocean of great games, then pillage and plunder to your heart's desire. With great new games coming out and advanced DirectX 11 implementations creeping into the works, all gamers can use a powerhouse like the CyberPower PC Black Pearl to help them in their epic gaming adventures.