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As rugged laptops go, the Getac B Series has some of the hardiest certifications the industry provides. This rugged notebook has the typical MIL-STD 810G and IP65 certifications. It also has a Class 1 Div II certification. This is very useful for hazardous situations. It means that the device can be used in areas with dangerous gasses or particles and it won’t explode.

There is also the option to upgrade to MIL-STD 461 certification, which relates to emissions and susceptibility to electromagnetism. It also has the MIL-STD 3009 certification. This means the screen of the rugged notebook won’t interfere when people are using night vision equipment. This is especially valuable for pilots in a cockpit. However, in order to have this option, the standard screen must be replaced by another one at the factory.

The operating temperature for this unit is between -4 degrees F and 140 degrees F (-20 C and 60 C). The durable laptop can be stored under more extreme temperatures: between -60 F and 160 F (-51 C and 71 C). This is helpful when trying to transport the device from one extreme location to another. Another valuable option for this device is salt fog compliance. It reduces the risk of the device rusting or failing when exposed to salt fog, a very corrosive agent.

The screen can extend so that it lies nearly flat and still works. This increases the number of usable angles and positions the device can be in. One of the rugged certification tests requires moving the screen back and forth, checking the life of the hinges. These videos show the extensive certification process and the product’s ability to withstand all of the rigid criteria.

This durable laptop has a very long battery life. One battery can last up to 11 hours, and there is an option to add a second battery and double battery life. Even with long hours at work, the battery in your rugged laptop is sure to last as long as you need it to.

The magnesium-alloy case keeps the waterproof laptop safe, even in the most rugged of environments. Caps and doors keep the I/O module protected from particles and moisture. One of the features we wanted that isn’t available is a camera. Having a camera with GPS tagging capability is a great feature for many different GIS applications.

The standard ports include two serial ports, an external VGA, an HDMI port, three USB ports, an IEEE port and a docking connector for a vehicle dock. (The vehicle dock is sold separately.) The rugged laptop also comes with a security feature. Installed on every device is a fingerprint scanner, which safeguards import data.

Software included on the rugged laptop consists of Getac Utility, Adobe Reader and Computrace Compatible BIOS. The utility software is an easy-to-use application which helps with system configuration and maintenance. From here you can control the connectivity, screen brightness and battery consumption. Computrace Compatible BIOS is an application that allows you to track and secure your device, even if the computer is not running.

Rugged laptops are all about customization. This device comes with a plethora of options for making it fit exactly what you need – like various configurations for the PCMCIA slots. You can have either multiple type II slots, a type II slot and an express card, or even a smart card reader that works with SD cards.

Even the most rugged computer can occasionally malfunction because of a defect. Getac has an extensive warranty available free of charge. Its five-year bumper-to-bumper warranty is included with every rugged laptop purchased. This means the company will fix your product if something malfunctions in the materials or workmanship under normal use. For comparison, many commercial laptops are only covered for a year.

The Getac B Series is a rugged laptop that covers all the bases and still is tough enough for any field use. With the connectivity options, memory and power expansion, this is one of the best rugged laptops on the market.