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With the Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme, you get a truly rugged laptop. Performance, battery life and customization are the big highlights here. The Latitude 14 has more performance potential than most other rugged laptops. It’s also one of the most durable laptops you can get.

To qualify for the rugged laptop description, the Latitude 14 earned MIL‐STD 810G certification. This ensures that the device will survive drops, shock, vibration, altitude changes and extreme temperatures. Regular laptops won’t pass the tests for this certification because they’re too demanding. This rugged laptop can take a beating and continue to aid you in your work.

The Latitude 14 also passed IP65 certification, which means that it is completely dustproof. It’s also a great water-resistant laptop, as it can handle jets of water from any direction. All of the device’s internal components are shielded from the elements. This allows it to function in inclement weather conditions.

You can also add ANSI/ISA 12.12.01 certification to the Latitude 14, which ensures it can handle hazardous locations. If you upgrade to a special power adapter, this laptop can also be MIL‐STD 461F-compliant.

While sturdiness is important, you also need to make sure that your data stays secure. The Latitude 14 uses the trusted platform module (TPM) chipset for security. Essentially, TPM adds a significant security barrier by ensuring your laptop isn’t compromised. You can also add a fingerprint reader and smart card reader to this rugged laptop for extra security.

Many rugged laptops stick to older technology and ports because they’re reliable. However, that sometimes limits performance. The Latitude 14 eschews that approach. You’ll find two m.2 slots inside. These slots are perfect for high-speed SSDs and other parts that transfer data quickly. With an m.2 SSD, your laptop’s saving and loading will be much faster than other laptops that use older SATA connections.

Speaking of SSDs, that’s the only kind of storage you can include with this laptop. While SSDs are very fast and make any laptop feel responsive, there are downsides. First, they’re limited in storage space. Second, large SSDs are very expensive, adding substantial cost to the system.

As for other parts, you can choose from several high-end Intel CPUs – all of which are good options for their respective workloads. Faster CPUs are more expensive, but that’s par for the course. What’s unusual about the Latitude 14 is RAM capacity. You can pack up to 32GB of RAM into it. That’s twice as much as most other rugged laptops can handle.

While this computer comes with integrated Intel HD 520 graphics, you can add a discrete graphics card that will significantly boost performance. The optional Radeon R7 M360 graphics card can handle most heavy visual workloads. This can be a great benefit in the field, where you likely won’t have access to more powerful desktop computers.

The Latitude 14 has a 14-inch screen with 1366 x 768 resolution. You can include a webcam that has a privacy shutter if you plan on video conferencing. With the Gobi5000 4G LTE WAN card, you can communicate with others via video even while you’re in the field. Once you include dedicated GPS, dual-band AC and Bluetooth, you get a versatile rugged laptop that can handle any of your communication needs.

Due to its high level of customizability, its plethora of durability certifications and its performance potential, the Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme is one of the best rugged laptops on the market.