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Like the other Amrel products, there are two versions of the ROCKY RF to choose from: industrial and military. Both are customizable and well-built. What’s more, this rugged laptop is highly customizable and even upgradeable after purchase.

Even with a large screen, this rugged notebook is durable enough for any environment. With MIL-STD 810 rating and an IP54 certification, this waterproof laptop can go practically anywhere. The military model also has the MIL-STD 461 rating. All of Amrel's testing was certified by an independent third party, which isn’t required, and not all manufacturers do it. It also has a built-in heater, which allows you to use the durable laptop in weather down to -4 degrees F (-20 C).

The Amrel ROCKY RF rugged laptop has a much larger screen than most other devices in this category. Even with a hefty 17-inch WXGA screen, it still only weighs 12 pounds. The standard display has a resolution of 1440 x 900, but that can be upgraded. However, higher resolutions put a higher demand on the laptop’s graphics card. In the case of the ROCKY RF, the only graphics option is Intel’s integrated HD graphics. While that’s enough for basic work, it might struggle with resource-intensive applications – especially on higher-resolution screens.

This is one of the few units with a PS/2 port for a mouse or keyboard. Additional features of the rugged laptop include sealed ports and connector covers that are important for any water-resistant laptop. With opportunities to upgrade the memory and graphics card, and to add a touchscreen, this rugged computer is a great investment. The internal ports include a mini PCl, two mini PCle ports, four USB ports and two serial ports. These are in addition to the external I/O ports.

Amrel specializes in customizing its rugged laptops, and the ROCKY RF is no exception. With connectivity options, including 3.5G, Bluetooth and GPS, this product can also be fitted with military connectors and even configured to work with other devices for data gathering.

This device is designed with the Amrel Flexpedient Solutions capability, which allows the rugged laptop to be modular and used for multiple applications with ease. It can be used in multiple situations by just changing modules. With this design approach, the ROCKY RF can be upgraded to handle just about any workload you need.

Amrel’s website offers a lot of good information on the testing done for each laptop. It also has driver updates, product literature and an RMA form. For further support, you can contact the company by phone or email. The other valuable service Amrel offers is warranty support on the customizations done to your product. Instead of just servicing the base unit, it will service any customizations the company has made to it.

The Amrel ROCKY RF is a great product, with one of the largest screens available for rugged laptops. It is definitely one to look into if you need the extra space for your applications. You can’t go wrong with the customer service for Amrel’s waterproof laptops either.