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Panasonic’s Toughbook 3 Series rugged laptops are great when you don’t need to customize everything but still want the flexibility of choosing your configuration. Unlike some other rugged laptops, buying a Toughbook is no more difficult than trying to purchase a desktop computer online.

This rugged laptop has all of the certifications you would hope to find. With the MIL-STD 810 and MIL-STD 461 certifications, and an IP65 rating, this durable laptop will withstand even the most rugged of environments. It is also a UL1604-certified model for use in hazardous locations. As a water-resistant laptop, the Toughbook has locking port covers to keep water from leaking inside.

Both the drop test and IP ratings for this rugged laptop were tested by a third-party lab. This isn’t a requirement for the ratings, but it lends extra credibility to the Toughbook’s durability.

The manufacturer’s website provides a section that is dedicated to explaining the testing that this rugged computer is subjected to. There are also videos that show Panasonic products, including this water-resistant laptop, undergoing the tests. This rugged laptop has been tested in real-world situations such as being knocked off a desk, used in a vehicle or stored in a dusty shed. They also tested its performance after being splashed with moisture from drinks.

The battery life of this rugged laptop is highly dependent on the components you select. Higher performance means shorter battery life. The Toughbook doesn’t offer any discreet graphics card options. That means weaker performance but better battery life. You can opt to increase battery life by adding a second battery – essentially doubling operational use.

One of the great features of this rugged laptop is that it comes standard with a touchscreen LCD display and a stylus. This is very useful when you are in the field and don’t want to remove you gloves in order to navigate through the application you are using. The keyboard also comes with backlighting, and there is the option to add a backlit numeric keypad.

Options for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Gobi 3G, GPS, fingerprint reader and even a webcam mean you can remain connected when you’re out in the field. While there are a lot of configurations available for connectivity, Panasonic does little customization for individuals. If you are looking to purchase a rugged computer that is not listed in the catalog, you’ll probably have better luck elsewhere.

While Panasonic’s site provides a long list of industry applications – field services and utilities, for example – there are no military applications for this rugged laptop. This is partly because Panasonic serves regular consumers and these durable laptops are designed for more industrial fields.

The Panasonic website provides some good information on who to contact for support, but it is lacking when it comes to FAQs. There are no product-specific FAQs for this waterproof laptop. The warranty for this product lasts three years.

The Panasonic Toughbook 3 Series is a great off-the-shelf product to look into when you need a rugged notebook, especially if you don't necessarily need all of the individual customization options a smaller manufacturer may specialize in.