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Pros / This ultrabook has a 2-in-1 design and solid feature set.

Cons / Its lower-end design means the laptop is heavy, with comparatively short battery life.

 Verdict / The Lenovo Yoga 700 is a budget-friendly ultrabook that boasts a convertible design but doesn’t have the best performance.

The Lenovo Yoga 700 is the less expensive, workaday sibling to our top pick. As part of Lenovo’s Yoga model line, the Yoga 700 is a 2-in-1 ultrabook, with a touchscreen and a decent ultraportable laptop design, but it sports plastic construction, a chunky 360-degree hinge and a 1080p display. It’s not as luxe as some of the more premium models in our review, but it’s still a solid budget ultrabook.

Our model was outfitted with a 2.3GHz Intel Core i5-6200U processor, paired with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB solid state drive. It managed a Geekbench 3 score of 5,855 points and finished Laptop Mag’s spreadsheet performance test in 297 seconds. While not one of the best scores in our review, it still promises a healthy level of performance.

Graphics performance was surprisingly middling, with low benchmark test scores in spite of its Intel HD Graphics 520 graphics solution. Even compared to other systems with integrated graphics, the Yoga 700 is ill-equipped for visually demanding tasks like gaming.

The midrange ultrabook is made of plastic and measures 13.18 x 9.03 x 0.72 inches and weighs 3.5 pounds, making it much thicker than the thinnest ultrabooks in our review. The black matte plastic design may not be eye catching, but its subdued looks blend in at any office. Thanks to a pair of metal 360-degree hinges on the back of the laptop, the lid folds back for 2-in-1 use, with tablet and stand modes available with a flip of the lid. Battery life hovers right near the seven-hour mark, but when most other systems last eight hours or more, that’s not particularly impressive.

The 14-inch touchscreen boasts 1920 x 1080 resolution with some of the best color accuracy in our review. The panel’s color accuracy registered a DeltaE rating of 0.3, making it the most color accurate ultrabook we tested. Unfortunately, it’s also on the dim side, with only 197 nits when set to maximum brightness.

The Yoga 700 is outfitted with two standard USB 3.0 ports and a single USB 2.0 port that doubles as the power jack, along with a micro HDMI, an SD card reader and an audio jack. Networking and wireless connectivity is standard, with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

Lenovo covers the Yoga 700 with a one-year warranty. Lenovo ranks fifth out of 10 in Laptop’s customer service ratings, with support available through phone, email, live chat and social media.

  • Geekbench 3
  • 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited
  • 3DMark Fire Strike
  • Battery Life
  • Laptop Mag Spreadsheet Test
  1. A synthetic benchmark test that measures CPU performance.
    (higher is better)
  2. 9  Lenovo Yoga 700
    5855.0 Score
  3. 6264.0 Score
  4. 7834.0 Score
  5. 6914.0 Score
  6. Category Average
    6270.45 Score


The Lenovo Yoga 700 is okay in terms of ultrabook deals, even if comparisons to more premium ultrabooks are less than flattering. The battery life is on the short side and the construction is thick and heavy, but the performance should be adequate for a great many users. More importantly, it offers 2-in-1 functionality at an affordable price point, and its overall feature set is on par with the best ultrabooks.

Lenovo Yoga 700 Visit Site