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ASUS VS239H-P Review

PROS / This monitor has the fastest response times of all the IPS monitors we reviewed.

CONS / When it comes to adjustability, the ASUS VS239H-P only tilts.

 VERDICT / Although the screen specs are superb, the lack of user-friendly options like wall mounting makes it fall short of the best.

ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated, most commonly referred to as simply ASUS, was founded just over two decades ago, but did not get very popular until the mid 2000s. Like similar multinational computer product manufacturers, ASUS is not best known for their monitors. Motherboards and laptops are the most common ASUS products found in the average business or household. However, that may change in the future if it continues to bring out monitors such as the ASUS VS239H-P.

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The ASUS VS239H-P looks great on paper and in real life, which is why it is our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner. It features the latest technology and comes at a reasonable price. ASUS provides decent customer service and warranty to cover any potential manufacture defects. The monitor's only real flaw is its lack of adjustability, which means you will have to hope that its positioning on your desk works for you.

  1. The time it takes for a pixel to go from black to white and black again.
    Response Time
  2. 2 ASUS VS239H-P
    5 Milliseconds (ms)
  3. 8 Milliseconds (ms)
  4. 8 Milliseconds (ms)
  5. Category Average
    7.00 Milliseconds (ms)


The current leader in mass-produced flat panel technology is IPS (In-Plane Switching), and this is the same panel tech that comes with the ASUS VS239H-P monitor. The IPS panel technology was developed in the mid-90s by Hitachi. The reason for this development was to help resolve two TN (Twisted Nematic) panel issues: low-quality color reproduction and small viewing angles. It succeeded in both cases, with the vivid colors being a major contributor to the HD video quality that is now standard on monitors. The IPS technology allows for a 178-degree viewing angle, both vertically and horizontally.

 The high quality color reproduction of IPS technology, together with the 80,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, give you bright vivid colors that truly seem realistic. To add to that, of all the monitors we have reviewed, the ASUS VS239H-P has the fastest IPS response times. It tops out at about five milliseconds, which are about three milliseconds faster than the average IPS monitor. The only way to find a faster response time in the same price range is to go with a TN panel, but then you lose the additional viewing angle and superior color reproduction.


The ASUS VS239H-P monitor is very eco friendly. It is a mercury-free, LED-backlit panel, and the packaging materials are made with a minimum of 80 percent recycled materials. The super slim design reduces shipping costs and carbon monoxide emissions because more can be packed in per cargo load. When it comes to actual usage, the ASUS VS239H-P has an eco mode that reduces energy consumption by 45 percent. The one thing this slim monitor does not save is space on your desk. The stand makes the depth of the monitor's footprint nearly eight inches, but this is necessary since cutting that down would leave you with a precarious stand that would dump your monitor on the floor with just a slight bump.

Along with all those slim and eco-friendly benefits come a few drawbacks. The only positional adjustment available on the ASUS VS239H-P is to tilt the monitor up down. There is no option to rotate or raise and lower the screen. This can all be insignificant to a degree if a monitor is wall mount capable, but this one does not have that ability either. You'll want to make sure your desk has room on it and the monitor is the perfect height for you, otherwise these missing features may be deal breakers. In addition, as a minor side note, the ASUS VS239H-P monitor does not come with built in speakers, which is fairly common.

The monitor's 13 pounds is a pretty standard weight. From front to back the whole package is about eight inches. It consumes about 40 watts of power, but in the eco-friendly mode that will be reduced significantly.


The ASUS VS239H-P monitor comes with the three most common port connections used with modern PCs, which are HDMI, DVI and VGA. With these three connections, you are sure to have no need of buying a separate converter cable. Most, if not all computers, will have a DVI port. It is increasingly more common for graphics cards to have a HDMI port as well. Either will do nicely, and both have HDCP support for Blu-rays and any other HDCP-protected content that you may run into. The other thing you should be aware of is that this monitor does not have a USB hub.

Help & Support

The warranty on the ASUS VS239H-P is good for three years, and it covers any manufacturer defects. That is about as long as warranties come on monitors; most only last a single year. If you need to utilize the warranty or have other technical questions, ASUS provides a fair amount of support options. The online documentation, user manuals and FAQs cover the majority of what you need to know, but if you have any questions, you can contact ASUS customer service via phone, email or online chat. The ASUS customer service is knowledgeable and should quickly resolve any of your concerns and questions.


Although the ASUS VS239H-P is missing a few convenient features in the area of adjustability, the screen quality makes up for that greatly. The IPS technology used in this monitor provides bright, vivid imagery that will help you fully realize the potential of your HD video media. The sleek, modern design looks great in any home or office. Moreover, with its all-black casing, you most likely will not have to worry about trying to match it with everything else that adorns your workspace.

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