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Color Copiers Review

Why Buy a Photocopier?

In today's offices, color copiers are a must-have for any industry. Whether you need to print a photo or scan multiple documents, they are extremely useful for many different projects. The best multifunction color copiers are built for office-friendly endurance, thanks to their large capacity paper trays and accessories. High-resolution printer scanners produce high-quality images for reports or portfolios. In addition, premium models are equipped with special features like stapling and hole punching capabilities to make workplace document production easy. The top copiers, such as the Xerox WorkCentre 7535, Sharp MX-4141N and Canon imageRUNNER C5235 feature this versatility. Find more information by checking out our articles on color copiers.

Color Copiers: What to Look For

When deciding on the perfect color copier printer for your office, first consider how it will primarily be used. If you require copies with high-fidelity images, prioritize the printer scanner's resolution. Likewise, the following areas are also important to keep in mind when purchasing a printer copier for an office environment:

Image Quality
Businesses that produce high volumes of color documents, such as brochures, marketing materials or reports, will find it important to purchase a photocopier with a high resolution. Generally, 1,200 x 1,200 dpi (dots per inch) is considered very good color quality. Another characteristic you want to take note of is the toner yield, which indicates how many color images you can produce before having to change toner cartridges.

Production Capacity
When running your business, you can't be slowed down by the limitations of your office equipment. The production capabilities of your photocopier allow you to work faster and more efficiently. The paper capacity indicates the maximum amount of paper the copier can store at one time.

With a large capacity, you can get through more projects without having to stop to reload the paper tray. In addition, the variety of paper sizes and the media support that a copier can handle are also important to consider, as this will determine what types and sizes of paper you can print on.

The warm-up function will determine how long you have to wait to start your next project. The quicker the warm-up time, the faster people in your company can get their work done. The speed of the copier is another important feature to look at. If you're running a small- to medium-size business, chances are a lot of employees will need to use the color copier.

A photocopier that produces around 35 to 45 copies per minute (cpm) is a good option. The duty cycle is another specification to note when deciding on a copier. The duty cycle is the number of copies the copier can produce per month. The quantity you need will depend on the size of your business, but if you're in the small to medium range, you likely want a copier with an output capacity of around 100,000 pages per month.

When deciding on the right photocopier, the features that come with it can make all the difference. Think about the type of projects and materials your company is most likely to produce. Will you need to rely heavily on stapling packets or hole punching individual pages? Photocopiers offer a variety of different features to meet your company’s specific needs. 

Other useful features include booklet creation, covers, image repeat, image mirror, negative and positive inversion, and secure watermark. These additions are optional upgrades to the base model of a copier that can be purchased separately. All of these tools help enhance the finished look of your images and reports. If your company doesn't require many of the special features, copiers with basic functions such as scan, print and fax can make day-to-day tasks go by smoother.

The design of the copier is important for a number of reasons. One of the first things to look for is security capabilities. In a company with many employees, user authentication and secured printing become high priorities. It's important to keep information confidential and away from the wrong hands.

Printers aren't restricted by the same design limitations that devices such as tablets or smartphones have, but in limited workspaces, the model's dimensions and weight are important to consider. Support for wireless connectivity can also be important if you're working in an office space that lacks physical Ethernet cabling.

Help & Support
Help and support can play a big role in the experience you have when you purchase or lease this type of machine. Being able to get ahold of the right person, whether it's by phone, email or chat, can make the difference between solving your problem in a timely manner and slowing down your workday. If you're leasing rather than buying, then the length of the contract and the monthly payments will also factor into your decision.

A photocopier is a necessary part of today's busy workspace. Every office relies heavily on multitasking and needs a copy machine that can handle a variety projects. With the right photocopier, you can increase your efficiency and produce high quality images that make your company stand apart from the rest.