Waterproof digital cameras have many features and qualities that make them ideal traveling companions for your outdoor adventures. Whether your itinerary includes bobsledding in the Alps or swimming with sharks in the Bahamas, these compact cameras are ready to go at a moment s notice. 


If you plan to take your waterproof camera diving, you will appreciate its versatility. With a traditional cameral, you d have to attach a waterproof casing to it before submerging it into the water. An underwater camera is ready to go when you are. You can use it on the dive boat or under water without the hassle of changing a cumbersome plastic housing.

These handy devices are also great for capturing action  shots. Most waterproof cameras have image stabilizers, so you can capture quick-moving underwater action like eels and sharks zipping around coral reefs.

Once you get to around depths of 20 feet, sunlight will decrease. At depths of 20 feet or more you can only capture blue light. Since most of these underwater cameras are equipped with a built-in flash, you will be able to capture vibrant images under water.

Be aware that most of these cameras do not float, so if you drop them, they will sink straight to the ocean floor. It is worth investing in flotation cases, carabineers or straps.

Land Excursions

If you take your camera sailing, you can go right from the ocean to the streets of Italy. Waterproof cameras make the transition to shooting on land seamlessly. These digital cameras provide you with blur-free shots above the water so you can dash around the streets of Rome on a motorcycle while snapping photos along the way.

Waterproof cameras are also built to be durable, and most are shockproof up to 6 feet. They re designed to withstand a fall, whether you drop it in your hotel lobby or on the steps of the Parthenon. And with many colors and styles to choose from, you can carry these stylish cameras to an elegant dinner. Most will fit into a purse and many are small enough to slip into a dinner jacket pocket.

Traditional cameras have to be protected from unexpected rain storms. If you get caught in a torrential down pour on a crowded street, it is not a problem. With water-tight seals, you can expect its internal components to stay dry.


Many waterproof cameras have the ability to tolerate cold temperatures. Some can even function at 14 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to catch a flight to Zermatt to ski in the shadow of the Matterhorn, these freeze proof cameras will accompany you with ease. Since they are waterproof you can expose them to handle wet snow without the damage that you get with regular cameras.

Star Gazing

Star watchers will be pleased with the settings that allow you to capture movement in the night sky. Many of these cameras include a time lapse mode, making it easy to capture interval images of the stars. Once you take the pictures, you can play them back to watch them drift across the sky.

Today s waterproof cameras are much more that waterproof. These devices are well-suited to outdoor adventures of any kind. It s easy to see why you would not want to travel with any other camera.

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