The Poolguard Safety Buoy is a large buoy alarm that floats on the surface of an above-ground pool to alert you when someone enters the pool. This model uses subsurface monitoring technology to detect waves when someone enters the pool, a large object drops into the pool, or an animal jumps in. The floating model works well with standard above-ground pools and hot tubs, allowing you to detect anyone who enters the water.

When you want to use the pool, you can easily put the buoy into sleep mode and then remove it from the pool. If the buoy is removed before being put into sleep mode, it sounds an alarm, which helps to prevent tampering. An in-house remote receiver works up to 200 feet away from the pool alarm, and it sounds an alarm in the home if someone sets off the sensor. The outdoor alarm also sounds until you turn it off. This allows anyone inside or outside to get an alert when someone enters the pool.

While buoy pool alarms are more likely to sound an alarm than some options, the Poolguard Safety Buoy compensates for wind and small toys and objects to reduce the risk of a false alarm. A 9-volt battery pack powers the pool alarm and features a low-battery alert that chirps every 20 seconds when the battery is low. This is good because it alerts you when you have to replace the battery, but it also drains the battery more quickly if you fail to notice it immediately. Because the pool alarm immediately starts up and runs a test when it is dropped into the pool, you do not have to set it up. You can also take it to any pool and use it immediately with no installation, making the model useful for keeping kids out of friends' or neighbors' pools during parties or vacations. The alarm only works in pools that are 16 x 32 feet or smaller, making it unsuitable for large or commercial pools.

With easy setup, an accurate sensor and sleep mode for using the pool, the Poolguard Safety Buoy offers simple protection for home and family pools. The design is made for use in soft-sided and quick-set pools, allowing it to work in almost any above-ground pool.

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