The Poolguard In-Ground Alarm installs into the side of a pool where it uses an electronic sensor to monitor displaced water to sound an alert when someone enters the pool. It has a remote and poolside alarm, a sleep function for swimming and a 12-volt battery, and it alerts you to pool entries whether you are near the pool or in the house. When anything weighing 18 pounds or more enters the pool, the alarm sounds, creating a loud alert in both the home and at the pool.

With a 200-foot range on the secondary alarm, the Poolguard offers alerts in homes that are a significant distance away from the pool. The alarms are 85 decibels at 10 feet, which is just under the volume of the average car horn and is more than loud enough to be audible through most homes. The alarm isn't particularly loud, which makes the model suitable for smaller homes and pools that are close to the home. A built-in tamperproof function allows you to keep children out of the pool.

The Poolguard sounds an alarm when taken out of the pool, so you will know if someone tries to take it out. The alarm features a sleep function that disables the alert for the duration of swimming, but it does require you to take the alarm out of the pool. The sensor detects pool entries by monitoring the surface of the water for displacement. This allows it to detect any entry of 18 pounds or over, which is anything over the size of the average one-year-old child or a small dog. This setup reduces the chances of a false alert due to sticks, toys or other small objects falling into the pool, but it won't detect small animals such as birds, cats or small dogs.

The alarm does work with a solar blanket so that you can protect your pool without disabling the alert. A 12-volt power supply ensures that you can install the pool alarm anywhere, without having to worry about installing cables or plugs. It also automatically wakes up and runs a test alarm when you install it into a pool so that you know it works. Because it runs on a battery, the alarm features an audible low-battery alert to tell you when you have to replace the battery. The sensor works with a pool of up to 800 square feet, roughly 20 x 40 feet, allowing you to use it with most small to medium-size pools.

The pool alarm does not work with inflatable or above ground pools. With a large sensing area, a sophisticated sensor and fewer false alarms than some other sensor types, the Poolguard In-Ground Pool Alarm has a lot to offer. While it is limited to specific types of pools, it is a good choice if you have an in-ground pool.

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