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Game Capture Reviews

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Game Capture Review

Why Video Game Capture?

If you are looking for a way to capture gameplay footage and create movies to upload and share, then a game capture device is a useful tool. Video game capture hardware provides you with a simple way to capture your gaming experience without interfering with your actual play. With HD game capture devices, you can start and stop recording easily, edit and convert the file as desired, and upload it to YouTube, Facebook or other social media outlets. Game recording lets you create high-quality videos you can use to inform, display your skill or simply entertain.

Game capture hardware is the only way to reliably record high-quality video of gameplay on older video game consoles. The Xbox One and PS4 have built-in recording tools, but earlier generations of consoles aren't capable of recording gameplay. You can also use video game recorders with PC gaming. The major advantage here is that the game capture hardware takes some of the burden of recording and processing video off of your CPU. This gives you better game performance while recording.

Take a look at our lineup, where we've compiled data on the best game capture devices. The Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, Elgato Game Capture HD and Hauppauge PVR 2 GE Plus are excellent tools and a good place to start looking. Each device has different strengths and weaknesses that we discuss in our reviews of them. You can also check out our articles on game capture devices to learn more.

Game Capture: What to Look For

There are a few key elements you can't go without in video game capture hardware. These include the ability to record audio and video footage of any game in real time. Many game capture choices also provide you with a variety of fun extras that give you the opportunity to be creative and personalize your creation with editing tools such as callouts.

We created four categories that encompass the abilities of game recording devices. We assigned each of these categories a weight, and each product is ranked accordingly.

Recording Tools
The recording tools are what make capturing your video games possible. They include an application's recording abilities, such as real-time recording, game console compatibility, microphone recording and accommodating different file sizes. Recording tools also encompass hotkeys for game capture, the ability to save a frame as a photo file and direct uploading for sharing your videos.

Editing Tools
We looked for editing tools that allow you to cut, splice and focus your viewers' attention in your gaming footage. We also considered callouts, zooming, text titles, motion effects, voice-over commentary, and the ability to split or join audio and video files.

Help & Support
This section covers the support resources the manufacturer of each application offers. We tested all the companies' support resources to see how effectively they help their customers. Manuals, tutorials, FAQs, customer service and technical support are all resources that we reviewed and ranked according to how helpful they proved to be.

Ease of Use
An important aspect of any game capture application is its ease of use. What good is a feature-rich application if you can't figure out how to use it? The design and organization of an application either empowers you or holds you back. We searched for clean designs that provide the right tools and features, but are easy to use and simple to understand.

With the right device, you can capture gameplay footage from just about any gaming platform and turn it into HD videos. One of the best parts of gaming is sharing the experience. With our reviews and matrix, you can find the game capture device that best suits your needs.