The AVerMedia ExtremeCap is an interesting game capture device. Where most such devices focus on recording console gameplay, the ExtremeCap zeroes in on computer gaming specifically. While you certainly can use it with consoles, there are some aspects of the ExtremeCap that encourage sticking with a computer.

First and foremost, this HD game capture device doesn't have HDMI pass-through. That means you need to play your games on the screen your computer is connected to. The video signal goes from your gaming source to the ExtremeCap, into your computer and finally to your computer's display. Other game capture devices often use HDMI pass-through so that you can choose which display you want to play on. This capture device works with both Windows and Mac computers, so you shouldn't run into any compatibility issues.

You view all of your gaming through the RECentral application, which comes with this game capture device. It allows you to record and edit your gameplay. It even has some live-streaming capabilities. You can include interactive elements in your live streams and make edits to live video. However, you'll always have the application's UI overlaid on your game, which may not be what you want. This is where the HDMI pass-through is useful; the computer's display handles RECentral UI, while the other display lets you play without any distractions.

Thanks to the ExtremeCap's USB 3.0 port, it can transfer data very quickly. This lets it capture gameplay at up to 1080p and 60 fps. While those aren't the only indicators of video quality, they're benchmarks that most content creators strive for. Bit rate is the primary indicator of video quality, and with USB 3.0, this game capture device has enough bandwidth for high bit rates.

You won't find a microphone or microphone jack on the ExtremeCap. This means that you need to rely on another piece of hardware to pick up your voice. While this isn't a major issue, it can be a barrier to entry. Other game capture devices have voice inputs to make the streaming and recording process easier.

The ExtremeCap records your gameplay and saves it to your computer's storage drive without compressing it. This can easily result in very large files, but it gives you access to the highest-quality video. You always want to start with the highest quality you can get before editing, streaming or uploading your gameplay videos.

The knowledgebase on AVerMedia's site has a large amount of content that will likely answer any questions you have. However, you can still contact the support team through email if you need to. The site's forum is full of great information and is a good place to get involved in the game capture community. Should you need help setting up the ExtremeCap, there are tutorial videos for that as well.

While the AVerMedia ExtremeCap is not the best game capture device for consoles, it's still quite capable, especially for computer gaming. The RECentral application, 60 fps recording and versatile compatibility make a strong case for this game capture device. It's not the most convenient setup for consoles, but it can record gameplay on those too.

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