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Elgato Game Capture HD Review

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Elgato Game Capture HD is excellent for simple game capture. This game capture device is best known for its ability to capture analog video to save on your computer and watch at a later time. You'll find limited editing tools here, but that doesn't hold the device back much.

If you want to edit your videos, your best bet is to record in-game footage with this device and then export the video file to a true video editing application. The lack of complex editing tools is both good and bad. It makes this HD game capture device less complex than some of the other options available, but you'll need another application to really make your in-game videos shine. Like many of the best game capture devices, though, it's compatible with Macs in addition to PCs.

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Elgato Game Capture HD captures games, including audio, in real time while you play. It only saves the game recordings as MP4 files, but you can download other applications to convert the files to other formats. This HD game capture device offers direct upload to iTunes or YouTube, letting you immediately upload your videos after capture.

This HD game capture device is compatible with most modern consoles and many older consoles. You can capture high-quality HD content from the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. You can also record games on your PC, Wii and Wii U. The list of compatible consoles is quite long, and it includes the Super Nintendo, Atari Jaguar and PlayStation 1.

This game recorder includes pretty much everything you need to get started, including all of the necessary cables. This can make a big difference. For example, in order to record from a PS3, you need to use component cables, because content going out via the HDMI port is protected by HDCP technology.

This video game capture device allows you to cut footage into sections at any point on the timeline. It doesn't have many editing tools, but the ones it does have work remarkably well. With only a few tools to choose from, the editing side of the software is pretty easy to use. As far as this game recorder is concerned, less is more. Just don't expect to add commentary, text or other special effects – you'll need a full-blown video editing application for those.

Once you install the Elgato video and game recording software and connect the Elgato Game Capture HD to your gaming console, computer and television, recording video games with it is simple. Your game capture features prominently in a big window on the left side of the application. You can name the file you capture and adjust various quality settings.

When you have everything connected, all you need to do to record is press the big red button. After the recording finishes, you have the opportunity to delete excess footage from the beginning or end of the game recording. The application is extremely easy to navigate and use.

Through the Elgato website, you have access to all of the support resources the company has to offer. The help options include articles, customer service, technical support, discussion forums and software downloads. It has a number of resources in each section that provide you with general information or product-specific information covering a variety of topics.

Elgato Game Capture HD records well and provides excellent HD content that you can quickly save and upload to the internet. Keep in mind that this video and game capture device focuses on recording and not so much on editing. Fewer editing tools and extraneous features result in a video game recorder that excels at capturing your in-game footage quickly and almost effortlessly.

Elgato Game Capture HD Visit Site